For 6 years, we’ve watched Zayn Malik change his hairstyle several times. From a having man-bun to dying his hair pink, it’s safe to say the Pillow Talk singer can pull off any look. To celebrate the gift that is Zayn’s hair, we’ve taken a look back at his various hair ‘dos…

Warning – you may stop breathing multiple times whilst scrolling through these GIFs and pictures…

Remember when he donned this clean-cut look, long before the days of his signature beard?

zayn malik

That iconic strand of hair deserved an award…

zayn malik

The man-bun never suited anyone better. Oh Zayn, you bewitch us body and soul…

zayn malik man bun

Everyone give a moment of silence for Zayn’s magnificent blonde quiff…

zayn malik

Zayn’s glorious mane made all our childhood dreams come true because he looked just like Disney’s Aladdin.

zayn malik

We would like to thank not only God but Jesus for this pretty headband look…

zayn malik

Zayn shaved one side of his head and we couldn’t look away. It was true beauty right before our eyes.

zayn malik

Zayn once had this weird double ponytail thing going on but he was still hot anyway…

zayn malik

Bushy-haired Zayn came straight out of our dreams…

zayn malik

This chop made Zayn look like a literal work of art…

zayn malik man bun

His dark, luscious locks may have gone but Zayn still remained the most physically flawless creature alive…

zayn malik shaved

We can’t ignore the time he dyed it green. Nevertheless, Zayn still looked like an Incredible, gorgeous Hulk…

perrie zayn 2015
perrieeele | Instagram

Is Zayn’s life goal to MURDER US with his dreamy looks? He looked hot AF with this blond buzz cut!

zayn blonde shaved head

Remember when Zayn was a silver fox? Damn, this proves he’ll be a sexy grandpa!

zayn grey hair

So. Much. Beauty. *sobs*

zayn blonde

Only Zayn can get away with having pastel pink hair and still look like a GOD! He can do no wrong…

zayn pink hair

It’s official. Zayn Malik is the only man on the planet who can look handsome with any hairstyle. Just when we think he can’t get any hotter, he goes and charms us with a brand new look every time. With or without hair, Zayn is one heck of a beautiful man.

Which hairstyle was your favorite? Let us know in the comment box below…



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