50 Best Marvel Gifts for all Die-Hard Fans

marvel gifts

Calling all comic book dorks of the world! You’ve read every comic, seen every movie and you know the ins and outs of The Marvel Universe. Heck, you’ve already spotted every single Marvel Easter Egg! However, you’re not a true die-hard fan unless you own at least one of these items…

Whether it’s a superhero poster or a Marvel t-shirt, we’ve hand-picked the best Marvel gifts out there!

1. Captain America Robe

Please the hero in you by splurging a little on this Captain America hooded robe. You’ll be well prepared to save the day, even when you’re relaxed, ready for bed.

captain america robe

Buy the Robe

2. Avengers Necklace

Polish up an outfit with this badass Avengers pendant necklace, made of stainless steel. Nothing can go wrong when you’re wearing the famous Avengers symbol around your neck…

Avengers Symbol Pendant Necklace

Buy the Necklace

3. Monopoly Avengers Game

Think of your usual game of Monopoly – but with a superhero twist! Instead of buying locations, save them! Rather than cash, you collect power-ups! Choose which Avenger you’re going to use and use your best superhero skills to win the game! Ideal for the competitive Marvel fan in your life!

monopoly avengers game

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4. Marvel Comics Suitcase

Let your favourite superheroes save your travels by using this stylish suitcase. The trolly suitcase is designed with images pulled from straight from classic comic-books. 

marvel suitcase

Buy the Suitcase

5. Captain America Headphones

Listening to music will be even better when you’ve got these Captain America headphones! You’re bound to turn heads as you listen to your favourite tunes. It’s a present that will put a smile on any boyfriend’s face!


Buy the Headphones

6. Marvel Trivia Box Card Game

Do you know more about the MCU than your rivals? Test your superhero knowledge against your friends with this trivia box card game. Guarantees a fun-filled night!


Buy the Game

7. Marvel Encyclopedia

Claim yourself an official die-hard fan by owning, and of course reading this encyclopedia. Step into the Marvel universe and bury yourself in all the little-known facts, illustrations and details about your favorite characters and even superheroes who don’t have their own movie yet!

Marvel encyclopedia

Buy the Book

8. Marvel Comics Glass Set

Marvel merchandise to put a smile on anyone’s face! These awesome retro pint glasses are a great addition to any kitchen cabinet. Say “cheers” with Spider-Man, Thor, Iron-Man and Hulk!

Marvel glass set

Buy the Glass Set

9. Thor Hammer Keychain

Although not as huge or as powerful as the real Mjölnir, this key ring version of Thor’s hammer is just as special. Wield Thor’s weapon and hang it on your set of keys to feel almighty. Even the inscription on the hammer is inspiring – “whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of…Thor.”
thor hammer keychain

Buy the Keychain

10. Captain America Shield Waffle Maker

It doesn’t get cooler than this! A waffle maker that bakes waffles in the shape of Captain America’s famous shield! If you know someone that has a thing for Cap and loves waffles, you know what to treat them to!

captain america waffle maker

Buy the Waffle Maker

11. Superheroes Salt and Pepper Shakers

Sprinkle some of Spider-Man or Thor’s superpowers onto your food with these cool salt and pepper shakers. Once you’re done, magnet them back together and place them as a display on your kitchen counter!

Marvel Salt and Pepper Shakers

Buy the Shakers

12. Spider-Man Cufflinks

Subtly wear these super-cool Spider-Man cufflinks to work or show-them off with a smart shirt. Either way, they make a great addition to your outfit. If you’re a dedicated Spidey- fan, check out our list of more Spider-Man gifts

spiderman cufflinks

Buy the Cufflinks

13. Marvel Enforcers Lithograph

Become the proud owner of a unique, limited edition Enforcers Lithograph! Decorate your wall with a powerful photo of your favourite heroes right after a tough battle against evil. 

marvel lithographs

Buy the Lithograph

14. Marvel Snapback

Purchase this snapback as a gift to yourself or a loved one. Featuring the iconic Marvel logo, this black and red snapback cap will complete any outfit from 0-100 real quick.

marvel snapback

Buy the Cap

15. Hulk Ceramic Mug

Whatever you drink out of this mug will definitely make you stronger! This Hulk ceramic character mug will turn heads, especially if you take it to work with you!

Hulk Ceramic Character Mug

Buy the Mug

16. Avengers Comic Superhero Poster

Pin up this fun, pop-art Avengers Superhero poster to add some energy to your room. The retro and minimalistic look makes it an appealing addition to any game room or bedroom!

Avengers Comic Superhero Poster Amazon

Buy the Poster

17. Iron Man Figure

Iron Man fans will be blown away by this stunning Iron Man figure. This model of the armored Avenger stands 8 inches tall. Its armor design has fine detail that almost brings the Marvel figure to life.


Buy the Figure

18. Thor Bobble Head Action Figure

This Marvel gift idea is well-worth it, especially for Thor: Ragnarok fans! The bobble head action figure is one out of many superhero models that need collecting. Make sure this little man is sitting on your shelf or even your work desk!

funko marvel thor


Buy the Figure

19. Marvel Comics T-Shirt

Nothing screams “I’m a Marvel fan” more than this t-shirt does. It features cool graphics of your favourite heroes including Captain America, Iron Man and Wolverine!


Buy the T-Shirt

20. Marvel Fleece Throw Blanket

Wrap up and stay warm in this soft, comfy, super-hero-packed blanket. It’s ideal especially for when you’re having a MCU movie marathon! Marvel-inspired merch never felt so comfy and warm!

marvel heroes blanket

Buy the Blanket

21. The Incredible Hulk Figure

Start a brand new collection with this Marvel-ous Hulk figure. Sculpted to look similar to the green giant, this figure guarantees to look brilliant on your home shelf.


Buy the Figure

22. Captain America Necklace

If you’re a fan of Cap, then this necklace should be yours. Feel well-protected with his shield hanging from your neck and don’t forget to seize the day, just like Captain would!


Buy the Necklace

23. Marvel Wallet

Let the likes of Spider-Man and Hulk keep your money safe with this classic wallet. No one will keep a stronger grip on your cash more than a Marvel hero!

marvel wallet

Buy the Wallet

24. Civil War Adult Coloring Book

Once you’ve finished your Marvel movie marathon, why not start coloring in your favorite superheroes? This Civil War adult coloring book is a great, therapeutic way to let you charge your superpowers.


Buy the Book

25. Marvel Mug

Every comic-book fan should be sipping a warm drink from this superhero mug that’s got the faces of much loved heroes imprinted on it.

marvel heroes mug

Buy the Mug

 26. Thor Hammer Speaker

Who said your speakers have to be boring?! Let your favorite songs boom out of this awesome Thor hammer speaker using Bluetooth from any device including smartphones and tablets. What’s cooler? The speaker lights up with the music!

thor hammer speaker

Buy the Speaker

27. Spider Ripped Man Chest

This is a t-shirt highly recommended for anyone who loves Spider-Man. Tell the world that your a dedicated Peter Parker fan, wear it, feel powerful and get ready to save the day.

spiderman cool shirt

Buy the T-Shirt

28. Captain America Hoodie

Know someone who cherishes Captain America? Are you one of his avid followers? Spend a little on this hoodie dedicated solely to Marvel’s first Avenger….

captain america sweater


Buy the Hoodie

29. “Marvel Absolutely Everything You Need to Know” Book

Ever wondered why the Hulk comes in three different colors of green, gray and red? Want to know how a frog once gained Thor’s powers? This book will literally give you Everything You Need to Know! Filled with endless pages of trivia, fun facts and illustrations of the classic heroes, This 235 page book will be treasured by all comic-book fans!

marvel everything need to know

Buy the Book

30. Marvel Christmas Sweater

Need a Christmas sweater this year? Why not make it a Marvel one? This warm and wonderful sweater has your favorite heroes imprinted all over it, making it an awesome addition to your wardrobe!


Buy the Sweater

31. Iron Man Ceramic Mug

Sip in style with this awesome ceramic mug and let the powers of your favorite superhero, Iron Man keep your coffee or tea warm.

iron man Mug

Buy the Mug

32. Marvel Face-Off Bag

Don’t go on an adventure without your favourite super-heroes! Keep your belongings in a bag that’s ideal for all Marvel fanatics and carry the faces of these iconic characters everywhere you go.

marvel bag

Buy the Bag

33. 25 Comic Book Collector Starter Set

There’s nothing a fan deserves more than this superb comic book collector starter set. Featuring a selection of 25 Comic Books from Marvel, DC, and other various publishers, this collection is undoubtedly worth a buy.

comic book collection

Buy the Comic Books

34. Dancing Groot Speaker Boombox

Watch little Groot move, groove and get down to your favorite songs with this fantastic speaker boombox. Connect your mp3 player and let the Guardians of the Galaxy character enjoy the music with you…

Dancing Groot Speaker Boombox

Buy the Boombox

35. Spiderman Cookie Jar

This awesome Spiderman ceramic cookie jar would look great on your kitchen counter. Fill it up with all your favorite cookies and never let yourself or Spidey go hungry!

spiderman jar

Buy the Jar

36. Funko Pocket POP Keychain

Even the small things are appreciated by Marvel fans! This Funko Pocket POP Iron Man keychain is perfect for those who obsess over the superhero. Who wouldn’t want their favourite character hanging from their car keys?

funko iron man keychain

Buy the Keychain

37. Captain America Fidget Spinner

Get hold of this mega-cool Captain America fidget spinner! When you’ve got nothing better to do, start fidgeting and spinning with this metal toy that’s the latest craze among youngsters!

captain america fidget spinner

Buy the Spinner

38. Deadpool Wallet

Buy this wallet for a collector of all things Deadpool. It’s so cool, we think even Mr Wilson would use it to store his coins!

deadpool wallet

Buy the Wallet

39. Iron Man Cushion

Want to add some Marvel-ous décor to your home or bedroom? This Iron Man cushion makes the perfect addition. Super-comfy to lie on, unlike Iron Man’s real head!


Buy the Cushion

40. Marvel Charm Bracelet

Do you know a stylish superhero geek? Gift them with this super-cute charm bracelet that has all their favourite heroes hanging off it. Being a Marvel fan has never been so fashionable!


Buy the Bracelet

41. Dancing Groot Figure

Who wouldn’t want a dancing Groot in their household? This adorable Guardians of the Galaxy figure promises to put a smile on the gift receiver’s face as it grooves away to the hit song “I want you back”…

dancing groot figure

Buy the Figure

42. Thor Ragnarok Battle Face Men’s T-Shirt

Celebrate the release of the third Thor movie with this dark and menacing t-shirt, made only for serious fans. Showing off the superhero’s stern face, probably after battle, this piece of clothing will make the ideal present for MCU fanatics.

Thor Ragnarok Battle Face Men's T-Shirt

Buy the T-Shirt

43. Spider-Man and Captain America Earrings

What a subtle, yet great way to show-off your superhero support! Wear these Captain America and Spider-Man cute earrings and never feel powerless again…

spiderman captain america earrings

Buy the Earrings

44. Iron Man Handbag

Looking for a gift to treat your girlfriend? If you know an Iron Man fan who likes to make a statement, treat them to this cute leather handbag. Shining and glistening like the superhero’s very own armor, this gift will compliment any fan’s outfit! If Iron Man isn’t what you’re looking for, there are handbags for many other Marvel characters, too!

iron man handbag

Buy the Handbag

45. Captain America Watch

What a timeless gift! This watch dedicated to Cap is ideal for fans who love watching the Star-Spangled Avenger. What better way to count down the next Marvel movie with this awesome stainless steel watch?!

captain america watch

Buy the Watch

46. Fight Like a Girl Shirt

Show off your super-hero loving side with this super-cute shirt featuring several of the greats. Throw on this sweater, and your fave heroes will assemble in no time!

fight like a girl shirt

Buy the Shirt

47. Deadpool PS4 Skin

We can almost envision Deadpool playing Playstation and we can guarantee that this is what his console would look like. Make yours the same with this cool Deadpool PS4 skin!

deadpool ps4

Buy the Skin

48. Trivial Pursuit Marvel Cinematic Universe Volume 2 

Test your knowledge of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with an ultimate game of Trivial Pursuit. Gather your friends and family together and take on questions about movies including Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk and Captain America!

marvel trivial pursuit

Buy the Game

49. Star-Lord Mug

Who needs a Starbucks mug when you can have a Star-Lord one? This funny mug is ideal for GOTG fans with a sense of humor. Fill it up with coffee or tea and let everyone know who your fave Marvel character is.

starlord marvel mug

Buy the Mug

50. Marvel 2018 Calendar

Count down the days until the next Marvel movie with this fantastic Avengers Assemble calendar. 2018 has never been so exciting! Which superhero has your birthday month?

marvel 2018 calendar

Buy the Calendar

Truly feel a part of the Marvel Universe and consider yourself a legitimate die-hard Marvel fan by purchasing some Marvel merchandise!

Dare to turn to the DC side? Gift someone with one of our awesome Batman gifts for all Gotham geeks!

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