50 Best Marvel Gifts for Die-Hard Fans

marvel gifts

Calling all comic book dorks of the world! You’ve read every comic, seen every film from the popular saga, and you know the ins and outs of the Marvel Universe.

Heck, you can even name all the best Marvel heroes by heart! However, you’re not a true die-hard fan unless you own at least one of these items…

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If not for you, but for a loved one instead, you’re bound to find something to nab from these superhero gift ideas. Whether it’s an Avengers-themed mug or a Marvel t-shirt, we’ve hand-picked the best Marvel gifts out there!

Scroll through and dare not to purchase at least one item from this tempting list!

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1. Marvel Encyclopedia

Claim yourself an official die-hard fan by owning this encyclopedia. Step into the universe and bury yourself in all the little-known Marvel facts and trivia, illustrations and details about your favorite superheroes and powerful villains! Superb to place under the Christmas tree for a special Marvel lover.

Marvel encyclopedia

$21 at Amazon

2. Avengers Vintage Notebook

This leather notebook is one the most perfect Marvel gifts for students, artists or designers. An anniversary, Christmas or birthday gift for men and women, this exceptional present is handmade with genuine leather and recycled cotton pages. Treasure this unique gift which even features an antique buckle closure!

$20 at Amazon

3. Marvel Fleece Throw Blanket

Marvel-inspired merch never felt so comfy! Wrap up and stay cozy in this soft superhero-packed blanket, especially during a MCU movie marathon. This plush throw is best served wrapped up as a gift to a child or even an adult who can proudly drape it over their bed or couch.

marvel avengers throw blanket

$24 at Amazon

4. Spider-Man Waffle Maker

It doesn’t get cooler than this! A machine that bakes waffles in the shape of Spider-Man‘s mask! Ideal for that sweet-tooth who wants to spruce up their kitchen – simply pour in your batter, close the lid and let Spidey work his wonders before adding your favorite toppings.

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spiderman waffle maker

$45 at Amazon

5. Iron Man Mini Speaker

What’s a list of Marvel gifts without some Marvel-ous décor for your home? This Iron Man speaker is the perfect addition. A unique gift that will play your favorite songs through Bluetooth. It’s also a great gift because it’s small enough to fit in your pocket! Pop it into a Christmas stocking or treat as a birthday gift…

iron man speaker

$20 at Amazon

6. MCU Top Trumps Cards 

Test your knowledge on the Marvel Cinematic Universe with this game of Top Trumps with a fun superhero twist. A great gift for a Marvel-themed party and excuse to gather your friends and family together. There’s 500 puzzling questions in there that are waiting for you and your buddies to answer. 

$15 at Amazon

7. Thor Hammer Keychain

Although not as huge or as powerful as the real Mjölnir, this keyring version of Thor’s hammer is just as special. Wield Thor’s weapon and hang this Marvel present on your set of keys to feel almighty and just as rich as the Marvel hero. Even the inscription on the hammer is inspiring!

thor hammer keychain

$10 at Amazon

8. Marvel Characters Sticker Set

Fans can preach their support for their favorite superheroes all at once by placing these epic stickers on their favorite items! Assemble all of your favorite heroes together with these stunning pieces on any laptop, phone case, mirror or skateboard. One of the best Marvel gifts for die-hard fans!

marvel sticker set

$7 at Amazon

9. Bucky Barnes Mug

Who needs a Starbucks mug when you can have a Star-Bucky one? This funny mug is ideal for Bucky Barnes fans with a sense of humor. Featuring a blend of the coffee-house logo and the beloved hero, this cup is a funny Marvel present for Winter Solider fanatics.

bucky barnes mug

$18 at Redbubble

10. ‘Absolutely Everything You Need to Know Book

This 240-page book will literally give you Everything You Need to Know, including endless pages of trivia and illustrations of classic heroes. Something that will be treasured by all comic-book fans and a cool gift for nerdy adults or Marvel newbies.

marvel everything need to know

$18 at Amazon

11. Infinity Gauntlet LEGO Model

Whether it’s for a friend or sibling, this present will go down a treat. Owners can protect their home and channel the power of the Infinity Stones by building this magnificent model of 590-pieces. Created to look like Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet, this construction is one of the most stunning Marvel gifts a fan could receive.

lego infinity gauntlet

$80 at Amazon

12. ‘Wakanda Forever’ Shirt

If you or a loved one obsess over Black Panther, grab hold of this cool t-shirt that reminds you of the superhero’s prowess. Some stylish apparel that’s not too in-your-face, yet it’s absolutely fashionable and the best gift for that boy or girl-fan in your life.

wakanda forever shirt

$28 at Redbubble

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13. ‘Marvel’s Greatest Comics’

There’s nothing a fan deserves more than this superb book of comics. Showcasing a selection of 100 comic books from Marvel, this collection is undoubtedly worth a buy. There’s an array of vintage and modern superhero comics going, making it a fantastic gift to wrap for fans.

marvel greatest comics book

$19 at Amazon

14. Captain America Coffee Maker

What a neat gift for those who love coffee and Cap! Let fans start their morning with a superhero twist by making their cup of Joe in this awesome Marvel printed coffee maker. This iconic blue machine also comes with a Captain America mug, so the whole set is complete!

$58 at Amazon

15. Avengers Monopoly

Your usual game of Monopoly – with a superhero twist! Instead of buying locations, assemble the heroes! The more heroes, the more money you win and the greater power you possess! Ideal for the competitive Marvel fan in your life – imagine their faces as they unwrap this special Marvel gift for Christmas!

monopoly avengers game

$34 at Amazon

16. Avengers Necklace

Polish up an outfit with this super-cool Avengers gift. Representing the six strong heroes who protect the universe, nothing can go wrong when you’re wearing their symbol. Suitable with a graphic tee or hoodie, this item makes for a stocking filler or a sentimental birthday gift for any Marvel fan.

endgame avengers necklace

$19 at Amazon

17. Female Heroes Mug

A cute way to display your love for the ladies of the MCU! This mug has a vivid illustration representing female superheroes like Gamora and Wanda, making it a stylish must-have for fans. Ideal for the lady in your life as a birthday gift, anniversary treat or ‘just-because’ gift.

marvel gift girl

$18 at Redbubble

18. Loki T-Shirt

Put this t-shirt under the Christmas tree and any Loki fan is bound to open it with a grin. Dedicated to the one and only God of Mischief, this top boasts everything special about the character and tells those around you that you’re a follower of his TV series. A brilliant Loki present for loyal fans!

$29 at Redbubble

19. ‘Civil War’ Adult Coloring Book

One of the most ideal Marvel gifts for fans – both kids and adults! This features 120 pages of artwork by Steve McNiven, waiting to be colored in and brought to life! A great, therapeutic way to let you charge your superpowers, this is the best possible offering for an artistic superhero fan.


$6 at Amazon

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20. Thor Bottle Opener

When you’re struggling to open a beer, draw all the power from Thor’s hammer, Mjölnir! This awesome gift will crack open any drink during a movie marathon. A funny Marvel gift, perfect for that beer-belly or wine lover in your life, who also loves the Norse god. Works great as both a novelty gift and as a bottle opener!

thor hammer bottle opener

$14 at Amazon

21. ‘Marvel Villainous’ Board Game

Take the role of one of five powerful Marvel Villains: Thanos, Hela, Ultron, Taskmaster, or Killmonger! Whether you buy this card game for yourself or as a gift to a loved one, it guarantees a fun-filled night and will bring out the true Marvel mastery in you! 

marvel villainous board game

$40 at Amazon

22. ‘I Love You 3000’ Sweater

Embrace one of the greatest Marvel quotes by owning this officially licensed Iron Man merch. In honor of Tony Stark, this cozy hoodie is bound to make the owner nostalgic about the hero. You can see Iron Man’s mask sneakily hidden within the words, reminding you of him whenever you need.

love you 3000 sweater

$48 at Amazon

23. ‘Wakanda’ Cookbook

This Black Panther cookbook will make an epic kitchen gift for the chef in your life. Created so fans can eat like kings themselves and have a full belly like T’Challa, this book will make a delicious and unique addition to any fan’s kitchen. One of the most perfect Marvel gifts to place right under the tree.

wakanda cookbook

$9 at Amazon

24. ‘I Can Do This All Day’ Pillow

A home item that will put a smile on any fan’s face, whether it’s for brothers, dads or moms. This pillow encourages any owner to find the motivation in them. An inspirational gift and fantastic way to draw power from Cap and spruce up a living room or bedroom!

can do this all day marvel pillow

$25 at Redbubble

25. ‘God of Beer’ T-Shirt

If you also laughed at the beer-belly Norse God in Endgame, try on this t-shirt celebrating that awkward period in his (long) life. This is the funniest and most fashionable gift any fan could receive. A Thor top that should only be worn by those who support the God of Thunder – and a decent pint of beer! 

$28 at Redbubble

26. Iron Man Mouse

Work like you work for Stark Industries using this Iron Man mouse! This cool gift (perfect for a Christmas stocking) lights up when it’s in use! Iron Man basically comes to life as his eyes turn blue, making computer work even more fun.

$17 at Amazon

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27. Marvel Pin Collection

This 10-piece set of pins are a special and valuable Marvel Comics gift for fans. Owners can proudly pin these onto their clothes, backpack or purse, or simply keep them in the stylish black box as décor. Wrap this up and gift it to that special person in your life.  

$30 at Amazon

28. ‘I Am Marvelous’ Bedding

Looking for Marvel gifts to treat your girlfriend or boyfriend? If you know a Marvel fan who likes to make a statement, buy them this perfect household gift. A quality accessory that can be draped over the bed or couch, this gift will compliment any fan’s bedroom and have them feeling like a hero in no time.

marvel bedding

$57 at Redbubble

29. Groot Pot

Who wouldn’t want a miniature Groot in their household? This adorable Guardians of the Galaxy figure and funny Marvel gift idea promises to put a smile on the receiver’s face. Place a flower in there, some pens, or even makeup! What a sweet gift to compliment someone’s home…and definitely their heart!

groot flower pot

$10 at Amazon

30. Marvel Charm Bracelet

Being a Marvel fan has never been so fashionable! If you know a stylish superhero geek who’s celebrating their birthday, gift them this cute charm bracelet featuring their favorite heroes hanging off it. Ideal for a young fan or lady who wants to flash their fandom, this is the perfect accessory for a mom, sister, BFF or girlfriend!

$19 at Amazon

31. Captain America Waffle Machine

This awesome waffle machine will look great on a fan’s kitchen counter and make them some pretty neat waffles for breakfast. An ideal gift and unique kitchenware for any Cap supporter, this waffle maker is a great option if you’re on the hunt for an MCU gift.

captain america waffle maker

$50 at Amazon

32. Guardians of the Galaxy Pillow

Complement any couch with this bright and bold pillow dedicated to your favorite Guardians. The electric red and yellow print is enough to catch the eyes of any guest. An elegant house-warming gift, too, buyers can purchase the cover and insert, or just the cushion cover alone.

guardians galaxy pillow

$22 at Redbubble

33. Hulk Ceramic Mug

Whatever you drink out of this mug will definitely make you stronger! Bruce Banner’s biggest fans will feel proud sipping their favorite beverage in this highly-detailed cup that’s large enough to drink from all day. One of the best Marvel gifts for him or her that promises to turn heads!

Hulk Ceramic Character Mug

$20 at Amazon

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34. Marvel Wallet

Whether it’s a brother, uncle, dad or boyfriend, they can let the likes of Spider-Man and Hulk keep their money safe with this classic wallet. Made of vegan leather and guaranteed to last, no one will keep a stronger grip on your cash more than a Marvel hero…

$22 at Amazon

35. Marvel Heroes T-Shirt

Nothing screams “I’m a Marvel fan” more than this official merch. Featuring cool graphics of your favorite heroes including Groot, Captain America, Iron Man and Vision, this stylish top is a gift to yourself or a loved one as a birthday present.

$28 at Amazon

36. Thor Funko Pop Figure

This Marvel gift idea is well-worth it! If you know someone who loves the God of Thunder, this little guy is for the win. The fun desktop accessory is one out of many superhero models that need collecting, so make sure this one is sitting on your shelf or your work desk! A collectible for kids and adults!

funko marvel thor

$13 at Amazon

37. ‘More Than A Fan’ T-Shirt

Know someone who’s more than A fan? Let them show off their fandom with this t-shirt! Available for men, women and kids, this top also features a list of MCU movies at the back. An officially licensed Marvel shirt to wear during a marathon or at the theatre! Fashionable gift idea for die-hard fan!

more than a fan shirt

$25 at Amazon

38. Avengers Superhero Poster

Pin up this fun, pop-art poster to add some energy to a room. The retro look makes it an appealing addition to any kid’s room, game room or office! The poster features high-quality art depicting various Avengers that can be treated to any loved one who wants to zhush up their room!

Avengers Comic Superhero Poster Amazon

$10 at Amazon

39. Guardians of the Galaxy Bag

The Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack took the world by storm. What better way to show-off your fandom by storing your everyday goods in this epic tote bag? With a great cartoonish representation of the movie’s cassette, this is some of the coolest Guardians of the Galaxy merchandise around!

guardians galaxy bag

$30 at Redbubble

40. Marvel Wall Art

All fans should decorate their walls with this powerful wall art of their favorite heroes. A bright and bold statement to profess your love for Marvel and a decorative addition to any room. It almost brings these mighty heroes to life and is suitable as a present for any fan whether they’re a young boy, girl or grown adult!

$24 at Amazon

41. Captain America Robe

This makes a great anniversary or father’s day gift. Those who wear it will be well-prepared to save the day, even when they’re relaxed and ready for bed. Cozy, comfortable and cool enough to make you feel like Steve Rogers himself.

$40 at Amazon

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42. Marvel Comics Glass Set

Say “cheers” with Captain America and Iron Man! This Marvel merchandise will put a smile on anyone’s face! Spruce up a kitchen with the vibrant design on these tumblers that are functional for everyday use or as decorative purposes. Arriving in a decorated box, these are great Marvel gifts for any occasion.

marvel glass set

$35 at Amazon

43. Marvel Heroes Mug

Every comic-book fan should be sipping a warm drink from this superhero mug. The likes of Spider-Man, Thor and Daredevil are swinging into action, inspiring the owner to seize power for the day. A mug is always a great and easy go-to gift idea that will make anyone happy.

marvel heroes mug

$12 at Amazon

44. Avengers Makeup Brushes

Makeup lovers can celebrate their favorite Avengers with this set of cosmetic brushes, made only for serious fans. Featuring a powder, eyebrow, eyeshadow and big fan brush for daily use, this brush set will make the ideal present for girly MCU fanatics. Sweet Marvel gifts for your girlfriend, mom or daughter!

$13 at Amazon

45. Spider-Man Light

Have someone in mind that adores Spidey? Have a feeling they’ll also love this geeky gift? A Marvel-ous accent piece in any fan’s home! Treat someone to this must-have unique home décor piece and illuminate their lives for good!

$80 at Amazon

46. Avengers Hoodie

Gear up for the ultimate mission to turn back time with this Avengers hoodie solely dedicated to the team’s outfit as seen in Endgame. Superb for cosplay or worn as an everyday hoodie, this apparel is the perfect way to assemble those Avengers, whether it’s your brother or best friend!

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endgame hoodie

$27 at Amazon

47. Infinity Gauntlet Keychain

Attach this to your keys and uncover superpowers you never knew you had. This special item is also a bottle opener, so you’ll always be prepared to pop open a bottle for any occasion! With its design mimicking Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet, this item makes a cool Marvel present for fans of the Avengers trilogy.

$10 at Amazon

48. Avengers Earrings

These are too cute to be true! What a subtle, yet great way to show-off your superhero support. These Marvel earrings are superb party favors, stocking fillers or souvenirs! Great for the woman (or man) in your life, owners can wear these Avengers-themed earrings and never feel powerless again…

avengers marvel earrings

$17 at Amazon

49. Infinity Gauntlet Mug

This item is certainly something an obsessed fan would appreciate and cherish for life. Whether they use it to sip a hot beverage or simply stand it on display, this bright and beaming kitchen item gives the owner all the power of the universe. 

infinity gauntlet mug

$30 at Amazon

50. Captain America Cutting Board

Preparing food has never been more fun! This chopping board is made of tempered glass and is *probably* just as strong as Captain America’s shield. It truly is a fabulous gift for Marvel fans and will look stunning on any countertop.

captain america cutting board

$30 at Amazon

Truly feel a part of the MCU and consider yourself a legitimate die-hard fan by purchasing some of these Marvel presents – ideal for men, women and even kids!

Let us know which one of these Marvel gifts you got your hands on in the comments below!

This article was originally published in December 2015.


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