Glee Gifts That Will Have You Singing For Joy

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It won’t be easy living a life without Glee. Sure, we can have a few marathons once in a while but there’s nothing like tuning in every week to hear a new cover from the club or one-liner from Sue Sylvester, right? Us Gleeks are going to need some kind of supplement for our Glee withdrawal symptoms. Whether it’ll be a poster to wake up to every morning or a mug to sip your coffee from, at least Glee will always be with us somehow…

Here are a whole bunch of Glee gifts you can treat yourself with once your favorite series is over:

1. Wake up to the original Glee cast by pinning this on your bedroom wall. It will make you remember the good old slushie days.

Glee Mini Poster

Buy the Poster

2. Challenge yourself and determine whether you’re a true Gleek with this game that will quiz you on the past seasons of the show.

glee dvd game

Buy the Game

3. Relive all the brilliant memories with this glossy Glee yearbook with photos that will make you feel like you’re walking through McKinley High.

Glee yearbook

Buy the Yearbook

4. Stay warm in this awesome Glee sweater and tell the world you’re a true fan!

glee hoodie


Buy the Sweater

5. Nothing screams “I love Glee” more than this t-shirt does. Be a loud and proud Gleek!

glee shirt

Buy the T-Shirt

6. Carry your love for Glee to school everyday with this awesome, Glee-tery backpack!

glee backpack

Buy the Backpack

7. This charm is a cute, subtle way to show your love for the hit TV series.

glee keychain

Buy the Charm

8. Any tea or coffee will taste better in this super-cool Glee mug.

gleek mug

Buy the Mug

9. Get your hands on this box set and have your very own Glee marathon day-in, day-out.

glee complete series

Buy the Box Set

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