12+ Glee Gifts That Will Have You Singing For Joy

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It’s not easy living a life without Glee. Sure, we can have a few marathons once in a while, but there’s nothing like tuning in every week to hear a new cover from the club or one-liner from Sue Sylvester, right?

Us Gleeks need some kind of supplement for our Glee withdrawal symptoms. Whether it’s a poster to wake up to every morning or a mug to sip your coffee from, at least Glee will always be with us somehow…

Here’s a bunch of Glee gifts you can treat yourself or a dear friend with…

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1. Glee Poster

Wake up to the original Glee cast by pinning this on your bedroom wall. It features an array of your favorite characters and it will make you remember the good old slushie days. A cheap and cheerful present any fan will appreciate.

Glee Mini Poster

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2. Scene It Quiz Game

Challenge yourself and determine whether you’re a true Gleek with this game that will quiz you on the past seasons of the beloved show. It comes as a DVD so you can play on-screen quizzes, puzzles and more with your friends!

glee dvd game

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3. McKinley High School Yearbook

If you’re missing the show like us, you can go back in time and relive all the brilliant memories with this glossy Glee yearbook. It features photos and snapshots that will make you feel like you’re walking through McKinley High.

Glee yearbook

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4. Glee T-Shirt

Nothing screams “I love Glee” more than this t-shirt does. Be a loud and proud Gleek by wearing this bright and bold top featuring the show’s iconic logo. If it’s not your kinda thing, consider treating this as a gift to a friend or family member!

glee shirt

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5. Glee Bag

The show may be over but you’ll always rep it, right? Carry your love for Glee everywhere you go with this awesome tote bag. It’s bright, it’s brilliant, and it has the best logo emblazoned all over it. Merchandise that will make any Glee follower sing for joy!

glee bag

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6. Super Gleek Charm

This charm is a cute, subtle way to show your love for the hit TV series. Attach it to your bag, keys, or purse and watch as it lights up. This is the perfect Glee gift any fan would desire – ideal to add to a Christmas stocking!

glee keychain

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7. I’m a Gleek Mug

Any tea or coffee will taste better in this super-cool Glee mug. Featuring the signature hand logo of the show, there’s no better way to start your day if you’re sipping from this! Whether it’s for a friend, sister, or boyfriend, this mug makes a great birthday present!

glee hand mug

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8. Complete Series Box Set

Glee may have ended years ago but you no longer have put the show behind you if this is yours. Get your hands on this box set and have your very own Glee marathon day-in, day-out.

glee complete series

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9. Glee Pillow

Don’t stop believin’ by owning this wonderful piece of Glee merch! Place the pillow on your bed or couch and peep over at your favorite characters whenever you want. Any Glee fan would be proud to have this fun item in their home!

glee pillow

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10. Losers T-Shirt

There were several characters made to feel like losers on the show. If you’re proud to be a loser like them, slip on this t-shirt and show the world how confident you really are!

glee losers shirt

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11. Glee Sweater

Look closely at the logo on this sweater and you’ll recognize the faces you love most. This super-cool sweater is all the apparel a Glee fan needs to stay warm this winter – it’s unisex, too!

glee sweater

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12. Bed Blanket

Cover your bed or couch with this excellent blanket and proudly profess your adoration for the hit musical TV show. It’s available in any size you wish, so you don’t have to worry about it matching your furniture.

glee blanket

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13. Don’t Stop Believin’ Notebook

Whether you need it for school or for work, this unique notepad is the way to go for any obsessed Gleek. Write down your essentials in his notebook that’s got the best Glee characters covering its front.

glee notebook

Buy the Notebook

And that’s what you missed on Glee! Whether you decided to treat yourself or a fellow fan to one of these gifts, it’s guaranteed at least someone will be singing for joy!

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