Jeremy Gilbert has made his departure, ladies and gentlemen. We cried and we sobbed to our hearts’ content. The emotional farewell episode for Elena’s little brother was enough to leave us depressed for a year.


Everyone’s favourite vampire hunter has died five times, been Bonnie’s one true love and the heart and soul of his sister, Elena. It’ll be hard to watch The Vampire Diaries without so much eye-candy or badass crossbow shooting.

Although we hate to bid farewell to Jeremy Gilbert we’ve put together his very best moments in GIFs…

1) Remember when Jeremy was a stoner and rebel? Little did we know how far his character would come. (Season 1)

jeremy gilbert

2) After many heartbreaks, Jeremy finally hooked up with the love of his life, Bonnie. We’ll miss Beremy. (Season 2)

jeremy bonnie

3) Not only had Jeremy lost almost all of his girlfriends, but he also had to deal with seeing their ghosts, too. (Season 3)

jeremy anna

4) Who can ever forget the moment when Jeremy officially became a hunter and ripped his shirt off to reveal his ripped pecks?! (Season 4)

jeremy hot

5) Jeremy’s supernatural urge to kill his sister was a Jeremy we’d never seen before. It was a dark time for him but he thankfully got through it. (Season 4)

Jeremy Elena

6) We were super-pleased to see Jeremy go all badass on us when he took up the crossbow to hunt vampires. (Season 4)

jeremy crossbow

7) We lost Jeremy yet again but this time to Silas in a rather morbid Valentine’s Day special. (Season 4)

jeremy silas

8) It was all too much to bear when Elena gave up hope on Jeremy and burnt her house down with him inside it. (Season 4)

jeremy fire

9) Jeremy went through a lot of his life, hating Damon but it took a great big hug to bring out the bromance in them. (Season 5)

jeremy damon

10) Jeremy held it together pretty well as he led Bonnie’s heartbreaking funeral…(Season 5)

bonnie funeral

It’s the end of an era. Goodbye little Gilbert…



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