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Here’s one thing we’ve learnt from Nicki Minaj – never, ever ask for ‘Truffle Butter’ on a first date. Actually, not at any time in your life at all!

Truffle Butter featuring Drake and Lil Wayne features on Nicki’s newest album, The Pinkprint and only now have we realised what filthy minds these rappers have (thanks to Buzzfeed).

truffle butter video


The definition…

If you shy away from rude language and explicit words, please, look away…

Urban Dictionary have defined ‘Truffle Butter’ as:

“Truffle butter is when you pull you d**k out of the a**hole an continue f***ing her p***y, and the tan buttery substance around her p***y is truffle butter.”

Just…wait…urm, what??!! We bet you wish you hadn’t read that!

vomit gif

We feel like we’ve got a bacterial infection just by reading that!

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  1. Avatar Amelia

    that’s not at all what truffle butter is. urbandictionary has the IQ of a rock. truffle butter is a gourmet spread used in luxury around first-world countries. Nicki Minaj uses the term to portray herself as expensive and as divine as truffle butter.

      • Avatar Al

        Why are people so quick to judge? The urban dictionary meaning of truffle brother was not even created until after the song. When Drake says “Talkin” fillets with the truffle butter”, he is actually talking about a delicacy. It’s really easy for us to rush to judgment think that somebody would do something so utterly disgusting and then sync about it on a national front. NOW LOOK UP THE URBAN DEFINITION OF “VELVET FOG” AND TELL ME IF JERRY SEINFELD AND LARRY DAVID ARE TALKING ABOUT. THAT MEANING WHEN THEY REFER TO MEL TORME AS THE ‘VELVET FOG’….

        • Avatar Sweetchuck

          Lines right before it is I could make some step-sister fuck. I’m talkin filets with truffle butter. Fillets is another slang word for the v. Applying to V that is plump. He’s definitely talking doing something dirty with some classy chics.

  2. Avatar Jerry

    Actually, the song is literally about truffle butter; an expensive spread that goes on filet made from truffles. Basically, it’s more bragging about money. Notice that the Urban Dictionary entry was made after the song was released. In the song, Drake mentions “filet with Truffle Butter,” so he’s obviously referencing the food. Even when Lil’ Wayne mentions it later, he’s talking about literally putting truffle butter on Nicki’s vajayjay before giving oral because he’s so rich.

  3. Avatar Tootie Fruity Reporting Live

    Look everybody im here to put the actual facts to wondering minds. Yes there is 1 actual definition and 1 made up definition. Now we are going to state FACTS# The actual meaning of truffle butter states that truffle butter is a delicacy which comes from a fungi. Besides all of that to end the debates here are the actual facts on the song….. If you fast foward the song to Lil Wayne’s verse at 2:31 he tells you what they are talking about he says ” Truffle Butter on pu*** cutty buddies on the low, yen got to tell your friends etc….. So to answer any dumb questions yes its a delicacy but do you obviously think they would be talking about eating a delicacy off someone’s vagina or are they talking about the nastiness of someone having anal sex with someone and ince they removed their penis poop was still on the penis and put it in their vagina. The mixture if the poop and vaginal discharge or NUT as everyone knows it which is a white creamy substance mixes together to form the truffle butter color or peanut butter. But to all the younger females do not listen to this b.s and experiment and do this, you could get very ill and contract all type if infections in your vagina doing this nasty mess. Like seriously poop is not made to be handled like they are describing, and you have to be 2 nasty individuals to think that is a turn on. If you ask me in my opinion Anal sex is something you should not do anyway. If your partner ask you to do anal sex before vaginal you need to question your partner’s manhood something is not right with that, but thats only my opinion live your life how you please but mark my words on that!!!!

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