25 Secret Facts About Pretty Little Liars

pretty little liars facts

Despite the secrets ‘A’ or ‘A.D’ keeps from you, there are a whole lot of facts that are also kept under wraps by both the cast and producers of Pretty Little Liars. Although these secrets are far less dark and complicated then what Aria, Emily, Spencer and Hanna have to deal with, they are undeniably surprising and cool to know.

Got a secret, can you keep it? Swear this one you’ll save, Better lock it, in your pocket, Taking this one to the grave…

1. Ashley Benson Cried When Caleb and Spencer Hooked Up

Ashley Benson is certainly attached to her character! So much, to the point where she cried upon learning that Spencer and Caleb would be hooking up. “I was like literally crying… I thought we were going to get married, have kids, and then I find out that we’re breaking up” she told ET Online…

2. Shay has a Full Name

That’s right. Shay Mitchell’s real first name is Shannon. In fact, the stunning actress is Canadian. Her father is of Scottish and Irish descent and her mother is a Filipina!


3. Sasha Pieterse Was Only 13 in the Pilot!

Sasha Pieterse – AKA Alison Dilaurentis is the youngest of the PLL cast. Can you believe she was only 13-years-old when filming the pilot episode?!

4. Toby is Dead in the Books

We hope this isn’t a spoiler for things to come. Have no fear, the show doesn’t tend to follow the books to a T. Toby is actually dead in the Pretty Little Liars novels. After worrying that Emily knows his secret about his former romantic relationship with his sister Jenna, Toby panics and ends up overdosing on pills out in the woods.

5. Lucy Hale is a Singer

The starlet who plays Aria Montgomery isn’t just a great actress, she’s a country singer, too! Lucy Hale has released an album and two singles. She has described music as her “first love”.

6. Aria Montgomery is a Serial Cheater

We don’t know if you’ve realized but Aria is a serial cheater. She has cheated on every single boyfriend she’s had on the show! That includes Ezra, Liam, Andrew and Jake! It’s about time she settled down with Ezra!

7. Ashley Benson and Tyler Blackburn Dated

Anyone who ships Hanna and Caleb would be pleased to know that the duo dated in real life. As seen through their many cozy Instagram photos, Ashley and Tyler seemed pretty close for years but the couple have been rather distant lately. Not only has she hooked up with her co-star, Tyler Blackburn, the cute actress is rumored to have previously dated the likes of James Franco, Taylor Lautner and Chord Overstreet!

Ashley Benson Tyler Blackburn DATING

8. Ashley Tisdale Almost Starred in the Show

Disney star, Ashley Tisdale was meant to star in Pretty Little Liars but she turned down the role in order to audition for Hellcats instead!

ashley tisdale
ashleytisdale | Instagram

9. The Liars Cast Are Older Than you Think!

They may have played teenagers in past seasons of the show but in fact, the PLL cast are much older in real life. Ashley Benson is 27, Shay Mitchell is 30, Lucy Hale is 27, Troian Bellisario is 31 and Sasha Pieterse is 21!

pretty little liars cast real life

10. Garrett Reynolds is Valisari from The Lizzie McGuire Movie

Thought you recognized Garrett Reynolds somewhere? Did his face ring a bell? Believe it or not, he’s the actor who played Valisari from The Lizzie McGuire Movie! #OMG!

11. Maya’s Alive in the Books!

In the book version of Pretty Little Liars, Maya doesn’t die! She’s alive and well! The television series doesn’t exactly follow the novel’s story line but it would be a cool twist to find out that she’s been alive after all these years!

12. Brant Daugherty Almost Played Ezra

OMG! Brant Daugherty who plays Noel originally auditioned for the role of Ezra Fitz. Can you imagine anyone else other than Ian Harding playing the role of our fave teacher? No, neither can we. Anyway, Brant looks better as the villainous Noel…

13. Bianca Lawson is Beyonce’s Step-Sister

Say what? Not only was Bianca Lawson lucky enough to star in Pretty Little Liars but she’s also related to Beyonce – kinda! Bianca’s father, Richard Lawson married Beyonce’s mother, Tina Knowles in 2015.

14. There’s a Twist Behind Alison’s Name

You won’t believe this! Alison’s last name — DiLaurentis — is an anagram of the phrase “Liars united.” This show can’t stop throwing the twists at us! #Mindblown!

15. In the Books, Emily is Bisexual

We may know Emily Fields as a lesbian in the television series but in fact, she’s a bisexual in the books. We can only wonder who she’ll end up with at the end of this show. Will it be Ali or Paige?

16. Pretty Little Liars is Filled with Hitchcock References

Indeed, Pretty Little Liars constantly pays homage to Hitchcock movies. For instance, Rosewood’s coffee shop is called Rear Window Brews, and the Season one finale of the show, particularly the church tower scene, shows hints of Hitchcock’s Vertigo.

17. Sasha Pieterse Originally Auditioned to Play Hanna

Sasha Pieterse didn’t feature on the show as much as she does now, considering Alison was “dead” throughout earlier seasons. In fact, we almost got to see a whole lot more of her as she originally auditioned to play the role of Hanna. The part went to Ashley Benson instead.

18. There’s a Gilmore Girls Reference!

Calling all Gilmore Girls fans! The setting of Apple Rose Grille, where the girls hang out in Rosewood, is the same set used as Luke’s Diner on Gilmore Girls!

19. Shay Mitchell has her own YouTube Page

Shay Mitchell is quite the fashionista and vlogger in real life! She has her own YouTube page where she shows snippets of her life and work routine. She also gives hair and makeup tips!

20. Lucy Hale has the Most Instagram Followers

It looks like Lucy Hale is the most popular Liar of the cast! She has the most Instagram followers – 18 million! Ashley Benson and Shay Mitchell follow behind with 16 million while Troian Bellisario has 9 million.

lucy hale instagram
lucyhale | Instagram

21. Troian Bellisario is also a Filmmaker

Just like her character, Spencer, Troian Bellisario is a smart cookie in real life, too! Did you know that she was a filmmaker? She produced the short film Exiles in 2013 and she also directed the season seven episode of PLL, “In the Eye Abides the Heart”.

22. Ashley Benson Chose the Theme Tune

Love or hate the opening song for Pretty Little Liars, you have Ashley Benson to thank for it. She suggested  “Secret”, by The Pierces as she thought it was a very fitting theme tune…

23. Troian Bellisario is Married to a Suits Star

Guess what? Troian Bellisario is married to Suits star, Patrick J. Adams! The duo have been a couple since 2009 and got married in 2016. In fact, they had broken up at one point but when Patrick guest-appeared on the show in 2010, he won back Troian’s heart! CUTE!

troian bellisario patrick j adams
halfadams | Instagram

24. Tammin Sursok Wanted the Role of Spencer

Can you imagine if Tammin Sursok ended up playing the role of Spencer Hastings? Apparently that’s the role she had originally wanted before landing the part of Jenna Marshall. We truly can’t see anyone else playing the role of Spencer other than Troian Bellisario.

25. The Cast Have Matching Tattoos!

The PLL cast have a little part of the show that will stay with them forever once it finishes this year. After wrapping up the show, they each got the first letter of their names tattooed on the side of their index fingers. We really don’t want this show to end! *cries*

pretty little liars matching tattoos
lucyhale | Instagram

Now the cat’s out of the bag with these awesome facts about Pretty Little Liars, it was about time the show revealed who’s stalking the Liars once and for all. Until then, check out the show’s funniest PLL memes

This post was originally published January 4, 2016


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