Is Sia The New Lady Gaga?


We’re starting to think Sia might secretly be Lady Gaga. Ever since the release of her hit-single, Titanium, we dubbed Sia as a knock-off version of the Born This Way star.

They’re both extremely talented vocalists, great performers and extraordinary pop lyricists. But what people fail to notice is, Sia’s history in the music industry started back in the late 90s. She’s actually been doing this for a while now but it took an SNL performance for more people to start comparing the singer to the iconic Lady Gaga.

Let’s cut to the chase. Here are a whole bunch of reasons why we think Sia might be the new Lady Gaga…

They Can Both Sing

Most, if not all singers can sing, right? But like Lady Gaga, Sia’s voice is exceptionally good. And again, like Gaga you don’t realise how good it actually is because you’re too busy watching their dramatic music videos or performances. No one can sing Chandelier or Marry the Night quite like these ladies can.

They’re Both Artistic

It seems Sia is filling the artistic gap left by Gaga. Both popstars have an artistic expression in their performances and visuals. Blending performance art and music, Gaga and Sia both incorporate extravagant costumes, theatrical displays and add meaning behind their shows.

They’re Both Controversial

The popstars aren’t afraid of controversy! Sia’s Elastic Heart music video received criticism because it apparently triggered paedophilia concerns. The controversial clip can be compared to Gaga’s Do What U Want video which is said to have promoted rape.

They Both Like Dressing Up

We’re starting to think Sia is better at being Lady Gaga than Gaga herself when it comes to the shock factor. Sia seems to enjoy wearing extravagant outfits and make-up, too. It’s like a competition of who can outdo the other the most!

They Both Cover Their Eyes

We already know why Sia likes to hide her face and it’s definetely nothing to do with Gaga but there have been times that made us think she was trying to mimic the Joanne singer. Is Sia picking up where Gaga left off because we’ve seen that eye-catching fashion-wear somewhere before!

Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish between the two. In fact, no one’s ever seen Sia and Gaga in the same room at the same time. OMG, could Sia and Gaga be the same person?! We kid. But seriously, what’s going on here folks? Is Sia the new Lady Gaga? Has she stepped into Gaga’s shoes?

Let us know in the comments…


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2 months ago

Maybe. Although I like Sia better than gaga

Jerry Ludwig
5 years ago

Sia has become one of pop music’s most in-demand songwriters, with credits for Beyoncé, Britney Spears and Katy Perry to her name. She’s also ridiculously prolific, having just released an album called This Is Acting that features rejected songs she originally wrote for the likes of Adele and Rihanna. Lady Gaga can also write music, of course, but I don’t think in terms of output the two artists are close.

7 years ago

I like them both..i think they both hava great songs..and both have a few i dont like..i dont know why ppl have to always pit Similar Looking musicians at each with Madonna and Brittany..and Aguilera..but its all good..