AHS: Freak Show ‘Blood Bath’ – A Visual Recap

freak show bloodbath recap

 The Dandy Problem

Gloria Mott (Frances Conroy) is laying on a couch smoking a cigarette while talking to a therapist. She knows Dandy has a problem, but she refuses to have him committed. She continues telling the doctor about Dandy, and then we see a flashback of Dandy’s past misdeeds as a young boy, including cutting a girl’s hair off, killing a cat, and the vanishing of their gardener’s son who Dandy was friends with.

american horror story

Somehow in Dandy’s twisted little brain, he thinks he helped his mother because she complained about the cat bothering her flowerbed. He then smiles at his mother as if to be asking for praise.

american horror story

The doctor wants to meet with Dandy (Finn Wittrock), but Gloria insists that he will never go for it. The therapist then suggests that they lie and bring Dandy in under false pretences.

Ma’ Petite is Missing

Everyone is scouring the woods looking for Ma’ Petite, including Dell (Michael Chiklis), who knows she is already dead, because he murdered her in the last episode. Jimmy (Evan Peters) is using a bloodhound to track her scent when the dog gets a whiff of something. When Jimmy sees what the dog has lead him to, he lets out a blood-curdling scream.

The group brings a box containing what Jimmy found in the woods back to the main tent where Elsa (Jessica Lange) is. When Elsa looks inside the box she gasps; the only thing left of Ma’ Petite is her blood-stained dress. The group then surmises that she must’ve been eaten by a wolf or coyote.

The Death of a Showman

Ethel (Kathy Bates) brings Elsa’s dinner into her tent, and accuses her of pretending to be saddened by the news about Ma’ Petite. Elsa slaps Ethel for the accusation and tells her to leave the tent at once.

Ethel informs Elsa that she was listening when Elsa and Stanley (Denis O’Hare) had the conversation about killing the twins, but Elsa denies intending to have the twins killed, insisting it was just a poor choice of phrase.

When Elsa turns to storm out, Ethel shoots her in one of her wooden legs. We then find out that Ethel was never aware that Elsa was a “freak” too.

american horror story

Elsa then dives into a story that induces a flashback for the viewers of her time in Germany after having her legs cut off. Elsa talks about a man named Massimo who rehabilitated her and fitted her with new wooden legs.

american horror story

After Elsa explains her story she urges Ethel to put the gun away. Unfortunately, Ethel is still intent on ending her life tonight. When Elsa asks how she plans to get away with the crime, Ethel tells her that the last bullet will be used to end her own life.

american horror story

Elsa, seeing no other way out, offers to share one last drink with Ethel before the both depart for the great unknown. When Elsa reaches the liquor, she spots one of her throwing knives. Ethel apologises that Elsa won’t be going to Hollywood, but Elsa turns around quickly and throws the knife, striking Ethel in the left eye, killing her instantly (no muscle reflex, like in The Walking Dead mid-season finale?).

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Sorry for Your Loss

Everyone breaks the news to Jimmy about his mother’s death, except the details have been forged; they say Ethel died in a car accident via suicide. Esmeralda (Emma Roberts) tells Jimmy that she witnessed the accident while she was out in the woods.

american horror story

Esmeralda is horrified when she finds Ethel

When they go to the scene of the crime, it is revealed that Ethel was decapitated. Stanley surmises that she must’ve wrapped a chain around a tree, and the other end around her neck in order to make her death quick. We then see that Stanley deduced this because he helped Elsa stage the scene for Ethel’s “accident”.

american horror story

Elsa does her best acting at the scene of the accident

An Uninvited Guest

When Gloria returns home, Dandy is sitting with Dora’s daughter Regina, and she wants to know where her mother is. Gloria makes up a lie about Dora running errands, and claims she doesn’t know when Dora will return. Regina then decides to stay and wait for her mother, whom Dandy killed several episodes earlier.

A Funeral and a Plan for Revenge

Jimmy is giving the Eulogy at his mother’s funeral. He tells of how his mother wasn’t afraid to get her hands dirty, but she was also a cultured woman who use to recite poetry. He talks about one of her favourite poems by Emily Dickinson entitled “I’m Nobody”. He then tells his mother that she wasn’t “nobody” and then breaks down weeping for his loss.

Everyone leaves the gravesite except for Desiree (Angela Bassett) Amazonian Eve, Legless Suzi, and Penny (the girl who was mercilessly tattooed by her father’s friend for attempting to follow her heart).

Desiree goes on a tangent about how women are treated unfairly compared to men, and on top of that they are “freaks” as well. Penny chimes in about what her father did to her because she wanted to live her own life. This is the last straw and Desiree won’t take it anymore, and the girls plan to get vengeance on Penny’s father, because the cops won’t bring him to justice.

american horror story

“Look what my daddy did to me”

Dandy and the Doctor

Dandy is taking a Rorschach test at his mother’s therapist, and he begins to see very violent things in the ink blots. After two ink blots, he walks away from the test bored. Dandy believes he is there to be tested for a genius level IQ, but when the doctor informs him that he would like to see him twice weekly, Dandy is not amused.

american horror story

Twice weekly? Ain’t nobody got time fuh dat!

Dandy returns to his mother’s house infuriated because he realizes that he wasn’t at the doctor’s for an IQ test, and refuses to return for future visits. Regina enters the room and demands to know the whereabouts of her mother once more. Gloria tells her that she is sure Dora will return in time for dinner tomorrow night. Regina tells the Mott’s that her mother had better return tomorrow, or she will contact the police.

When Regina leaves, Dandy has a proposition for his mother. He will return to the therapist for an entire month… If Gloria kills Regina. All the while, Dandy proposes this agreement while he decorates a Christmas Tree.

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Freaks Wanted

Elsa is in Miami, looking for new recruits for her freak show, when she stumbles across an extremely obese woman named Barbara. Barbara reveals that she comes from a prestigious family who expected her to be a debutante, but she wants no part of that life and actually feels comfortable in her own skin. Kudos to her I guess. Elsa then is able to easily seduce her into the freak show life.

american horror story

Barbara using a now proven ineffective fitness device

Extreme Feminists

Desiree, Amazonian Eve, Legless Suzi, and Penny are in Dell’s caravan, gathering supplies for their mission against Penny’s father. Before they set out on their mission, the girls put a kettle of oil on the stove to heat up. Hmmm, I wonder what that could be for…

At Penny’s father’s house, they boost Suzi up into a window, and she unlocks the front door for the rest of the girls. The girl’s father is upstairs in his bedroom getting ready for bed while listening to a song with lyrics that say, “Don’t dare call me daddy again.”

When he hears a noise outside his room, he grabs his shotgun from under the bed and goes to investigate. When he gets to the stairs he sees his daughter Penny, and demands to know how she gained entrance to the house after he changed the locks.

Penny walks toward him slowly and responds “locks can’t stop us”. When her father asks who she is referring to, the other female freaks come out of the woodwork, and Desiree knocks him unconscious from behind.

american horror story

Back in Dell’s caravan, the girls have tied Penny’s father to a chair and stripped him of everything except his knickers.

Desiree sends Penny and Suzi to fetch some feather pillows as she breaks down the plan; she tells Penny’s father that they are going to tar and feather him, cut his dick off, shoot him in the head, and then throw his body to the gators.

Just before they can pour the tar on him, Penny comes out of the back room and stops them, but it’s only because she wishes to pour the tar on her father herself.

american horror story

It’s getting hot in hurr. So take off all your clothes

Before they get to step two of the plan, Maggie barges into the caravan and tries to reason with them to not go any further. Desiree wants to continue, but she allows Penny to make the decision.

Penny spares her father, but warns him to never come near her or her kind again or they will kill him. Desiree then tells Eve do drop him off at the edge of the camp and make him crawl home. When eve removes her hands from the man’s cheeks, his flesh tears away from his face as he howls in pain. I probably would’ve just tattooed a bunch of dicks on his face or something, but that’s just me. No need to burn the guy.

american horror story

Mommy Dearest

Gloria is talking to the therapist on the phone when Dandy appears in the room, unbeknownst to her. She tells the doctor that his services are no longer required, and that she and her son are going to flee to Europe. The doctor advises against her decision and speculates that he fears for her safety.

When Gloria hangs up the phone, she turns around and is startled to find her son in the room. Dandy, having listened to the conversation, is now enraged that his mother almost had him committed. The two get into an argument, which results in Dandy blaming his affliction on his mother, because she married her cousin, making Dandy a child of incest, which he believes gives him his “sick” urges to kill and cause pain.

Gloria tells Dandy that she always loved him, every part of him, including his sickness, but she is all out of love to give and can’t continue to enable his murderous tendencies. Dandy apologizes for all the pain he has caused his mother over the years, and then turns a gun to his own head.

american horror story

When Gloria begs him not to kill himself, claiming that she couldn’t go on if he went through with it, he then turns the gun on his mother and shoots her in the head.

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Jimmy and Esmeralda, Splitsville

Jimmy is still on a bender, reeling from his mother’s death, when Esmeralda comes along and tries to get him to sober up. This ends up causing a fight between the two which results in them kind of breaking up? I’m not exactly sure, by today’s standards that was just a fight, not a break-up. After Esmeralda leaves, Jimmy walks over to Barbara the Fat Lady, and begins to gently weep while hugging her.

I can’t help but see that Jimmy is falling deep into the bottle the same way as his father, Dell the Strong Man does in times of trouble.

Blood Bath

The final scene shows Dandy bathing in a tub of his mother’s blood. I hope he had an open cut from all of his crazy shenanigans, and contracts a disease or some s**t.

american horror story

I’m so tired of the whole, Dandy is untouchable angle of this season. I’ll take Twisty the Clown over Dandy the man boy any day.

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American Horror Story: Freak Show airs on Wednesdays at 10PM E/P and 9PM CST, only on FX.

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