20 One Direction Gifts For Every Directioner

one direction gifts

Let’s face it, you can’t have Harry, Niall, Liam or Louis gift-wrapped for a special occasion. It hurts, we know. But there’s always a solution…

Every Directioner deserves some One Direction merchandise! You won’t miraculously wake up one day to find Louis in your bedroom or Liam taking you on a date. But you could always cuddle up to a Liam Payne doll at night or a watch the band’s Where We Are tour over and over again. Whether you’re buying something for yourself or for a loved one, there’s a variety of One Direction gifts to choose from (Zayn included)…

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1. 1D Shirt

Carry the One Direction boys everywhere with you by wearing this t-shirt! A top dedicated to every Directioner so they can show-off their support to the biggest boyband around!

one direction artwork shirt

Buy the T-Shirt

2. One Moment Perfume

Rub a bit of One Direction on you with their One Moment Perfume. With a fruity and floral scent, this little jar of goodness will remind you of the famous fivesome whenever you spray it on!

one direction our moment

Buy the Perfume

3. One Direction Pajamas

Go to bed and wake up declaring your love for One Direction with this super-cute pajama set. If it’s not for you, you can purchase it for a loved one who you know cherishes the boys.

1d pyjamas

Buy the Pajamas

4. One Direction Necklace

Always keep Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall and Zayn close to your heart with this gorgeous crystal heart necklace. Imprinted with their names in the center and surrounded by crystals that shine from afar, what more could a Directioner ask for?

one direction necklace

Buy the Necklace

5. Harry Styles’ Tattoo Sweater

Have a thing for Harry’s tats? Walk around in this super-cool sweater that has his tattoos printed all over it! If you can’t have the singer close to you, at least be covered in his ink!

harry styles tattoo sweater

Buy the Sweater

6. Where We Are Tour DVD

Watch the boys sing each and every favorite song of yours with the ‘Where We Are’ Live from San Siro Stadium DVD. You not only get to have a ‘front-seat’ experience of the show, but also a backstage pass to behind-the-scenes!

One Direction Where We Are dvd

Buy the DVD

7. One Direction Blanket

Share a bed with Harry, Niall, Zayn, Liam and Louis by purchasing this blanket. Any fan would love to cover their couch or bed with this fleece blanket from Amazon! One Direction merch that’ll keep a fan warm and cosy!

one direction blanket

Buy the Blanket

8. Made in the A.M Album

Replay One Direction’s last album, Made in the A.M over and over again by getting your hands on the Deluxe version. It was the band’s final masterpiece before they went their separate ways, so it’s bound to be treasured by any fan.

made in the a.m

Buy the Album

9. One Direction Phone Case

You can’t go wrong with a One Direction accessory! Let the band protect your phone with this pretty artistic phone case. It doesn’t include Zayn, but it still oozes 1D goodness!

1d phone case

Buy the Phone Case

10. Directioner T-Shirt

Any Directioner would appreciate this awesome t-shirt! Whether you want to parade the streets or simply wear it during a 1D music marathon, the writing says it all!

directioner t-shirt

Buy the T-Shirt

11. One Direction T-Shirt

The 1D boys might have gone their separate ways for now, but you can always keep them together with this awesome pillow case. It will be a super-cool addition to any Directioner’s home!

1d pillow

Buy the Pillow Case

12. 1D Bracelet

Thrill a Directioner in your life by gifting them with one of these pretty Double Heart Bracelets. Made of leather knit rope with a metal centerpiece engraved with the band’s name – this is the sweetest present any fan could receive. 

one direction heart bracelet

Buy the Bracelet

13. One Direction Fan Book

Delve into this book filled with 1D facts and quotes as well as a quiz to test your knowledge on the boyband! How much do you really know about Niall, Liam, Harry and Louis?

One Direction Ultimate Fan Book 2016

Buy the Book

14. One Direction Charm Bracelet

Can’t decide which 1D boy you love the most? Enjoy them all by getting your hands on this stunning charm bracelet. With each love heart charm engraved with each member’s signature, this piece of jewelry is something any fan will cherish.

One direction charm bracelet

Buy the Bracelet

15. Who We Are Autobiography

Get up, close and personal with Harry, Zayn, Louis, Niall and Louis by reading their Who We Are autobiography. This book offers a new, intimate insight into their lives and details their interesting stories from day one. What more does a Directioner need for their birthday or Christmas?

One Direction who we are autobiography

Buy the Autobiography

16. One Direction Poster

Miss the boys since they went on a break? No worries, just look at this poster every time you feel sad. If not for you, then grab a hold of this artwork for a girlfriend, sister or friend who’s obsessed with the band!

one direction signed poster

Buy the Poster

17. 1D Drawstring Bag

A drawstring bag with silhouettes of your fave band! This gift is ideal for anyone who can’t get enough of the group and even features its first departing member, Zayn! Perfect to gift-wrap!

one direction bag

Buy the Bag

18. Directioner Necklace

Profess your undying love for 1D by hanging this cute One Direction necklace around your neck! Any Directioner would appreciate this unique gift that will complement any look!

directioner necklace

Buy the Necklace

19. Liam Payne Doll

It’s doesn’t get cuter than this! Cuddle up to a doll version of your favorite 1D boy with one of these adorable mini dolls. True-to-life and undoubtedly special, these 12″ figures are excellent to kick-off a Directioner’s collection.

liam payne doll

Buy the Doll

20. One Direction Travel Cup

Sip your favorite beverage from this super-cute travel cup! Decorated with an artistic depiction of the band, the boys promise to keep any drink warm whether it’s a coffee or your tea.

1d travel mug

Buy the Mug

They may have stopped making music for now but there’s certainly no shortage of One Direction stuff for keeps!

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This post was originally published on 9th December, 2015.



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