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Jennifer Lawrence returns to our screens once again as our favourite protagonist, Katniss Everdeen. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 is as expected, filled with action-packed scenes and moments of suspense.

We’ve picked out the movie’s best moments that had us at the edge of our seats…

Katniss Sees District 12

We’re left just as shaken and traumatised as Katniss when she sees the destruction of District 12 for the first time. A place she once called home is nothing but rubble and ruins and the only thing intact is a fresh and deliberately placed white rose. It takes the sight of a demolished District 12 and pearly white rose from President Snow to finally inspire the rebellion in her.


Peeta Makes His First Appearance

Jennifer Lawrence flawlessly portrays a heart-broken Katniss who finally discovers that her dearest friend, Peeta is alive. All is not what it seems with her Hunger Games accomplice, however, despite his bizarre behaviour, Katniss can’t help but fall weak to the knees after seeing him again.


Snow’s Threat

We almost feel as though we live in Panem after hearing President Snow’s menacing speech. He threatens every district with torture and death if they show the Mockingjay any support. As Peacekeepers start to shoot innocent people, it’s clear that the civil war is underway.


I am Katniss Everdeen

In what is probably the most moving moment of the movie, we see a hospital full of helpless men, women and children show support to the Mockingjay. When Katniss gives them a glimpse of hope, each and every one of them begin to do the three-fingered salute.


Hospital’s Down

As Snow learns about the hospital’s betrayal, he does the unimaginable. Knowing exactly how to hurt Katniss the most, Snow sends warplanes to bomb the hospital. Katniss and Gale fight back but it’s too late and too many innocent lives are lost.


Katniss’ Message to Snow

Snow kicked Katniss exactly where it hurts and her pain is what helps her deliver one of her most powerful speeches yet. An enraged, tearful yet persistent Katniss looks into the camera and tells Panem what Snow is so horribly capable of. This has to be JLaw’s best moment in the entire Hunger Games series yet.


The Mockingjay Whistle

Peacekeepers are tricked to their deaths as they begin launching an attack on people who whistled the Mockingjay tune.


Katniss and Gale Kiss

Katniss’ conflict of emotions is shown when she shares an intimate moment with Gale. As her best friend recalls horrid memories, she leans in to kiss him. Gale, however realises that her heart is not in it and we know that it most probably with Peeta.

mockingjay gale katniss kiss

The Hanging Tree

Jennifer Lawrence shows off her singing skills when she sings ‘The Hanging Tree’. It soon becomes the song of the rebellion. Districts begin singing Katniss’ song as they struggle through the oppression.


The Capitol Is Down

The rebels manage to turn off the power in the Capitol by barging through their gates and triggering explosives. This infuriates Snow more than ever and Peeta’s about to bear the brunt of it all.


Peeta’s Warning

Not only is Katniss shocked by Peeta’s appearance as he delivers another message, but we are too. It’s clear that Snow is using Peeta to bully Katniss. His beaten and bruised face gets closer to the camera and suddenly he warns District 13 of an impending bomb. All hell breaks loose.


Katniss Loses Prim

In a scene so dramatic, Katniss loses Prim just before the gates to the sanctuary are about to close. With only a minute left, Katniss runs to the rescue and finally finds Prim, who was searching for Buttercup, the cat. Finally, both sisters make it through the gate and reach safety.


Snow and Katniss Face-to-Face

The two enemies finally come face to face in a nerve-racking scene. Katniss is desperate to divert Snow’s attention and even tells him the Capitol has “won”. However, no one can fool Snow. Just when he reveals that he knows the Victors are in the Tribute Center, we suspect that Katniss might never have one over the evil President, after all.


Katniss and Peeta Reunited

As we hope to watch a romantic moment between Katniss and Peeta unfold, the most unexpected happens. Katniss is pleased to see Peeta, who looks worse for wear however we soon learn that the feeling isn’t mutual. Peeta is enraged at the sight of Katniss as he throws her to the ground and tries to murder her.


Hijacked Peeta

As a beaten Katniss walks from her hospital bed, she decides to pay Peeta another visit. Peeta, who has apparently been given Tracker jacker venom by the Capitol, is at his worst. Katniss as well as us, see a struggling, insane Peeta who is tied down to his bed and it leaves us questioning, will Peeta ever be the same again?



The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 ends with the perfect cliffhanger. Roll on part 2.

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