The Walking Dead ‘Self Help’ – A Visual Recap

walking dead self help recap

This Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead revolved around Abraham and his group’s trials and tribulations on the road to Washington D.C. Let’s get into this episode without wasting too much time.

Walking Dead



A Freak Accident

The episode starts with Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) and his group driving down the road while listening to “May the Work I’ve Done Speak For Me” by The Consolers on the radio. Rosita (Christian Serratos) makes a comment about cuttin Abraham’s hair and he tells her she can shave him all over to make him “dolphin smooth”.

Tara (Alanna Masterson) tells Eugene (Josh McDermitt) that he should get a trim too because the party is getting a little long in the back. We can see that something is bothering Eugene and Tara asks him what’s wrong, and he claims he is thinking of what the preacher confessed to doing two episodes prior.

Glenn (Steven Yeun) and Maggie (Lauren Cohan) are talking and Maggie thinks maybe Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Carol (Melissa McBride) came back to the church, and everyone is on the road to D.C. behind them. Glenn comforts her by saying they’re just clearing the way for Rick’s (Andrew Lincoln) group.

Suddenly and without warning, one of the tires on the bust bursts, causing the bus to swerve back and forth losing traction. With so many obstacles in the road, they inevitably crash into the back of a vehicle that causes the short but to catch air and flip over on its side.

walking dead

Don’t Mess With a Man’s Family

Abraham is having a flashback while he is knocked unconscious from the bus crash. In this memory we see Abraham beating a man senseless with a can of what I hope is creamed corn. He ends the man’s life by crushing his throat with his boot.

walking dead

Eat Your Vegetables

Escape From the Short Bus

walking dead

Walkers Approach the Trapped Survivors

Walkers are surrounding the bus and the survivors are just getting their bearings back after being rocked by the crash. The survivors think quickly and come up with a plan; they’ll have Glenn and Abraham bust open the emergency exit and clear the way for everyone to get out of the bus.

walking dead

The survivors exit the crashed bus one by one until only Tara and Eugene are left. Eugene’s path is blocked by an old bearded walker and he can’t get by. Tara kills the walker for him and tells him it’s time to man up. She gives him a small pocket knife and tells him she will protect him.

walking dead

Outside the bus, everyone is kicking some serious undead ass. Everyone except Eugene, who seems to be having a panic attack and is paralyzed by fear as he clutches his pocket knife with both hands.


walking dead

He gains the strength only after Tara is about to be bitten by a walker from behind, stabbing it in the shoulder and buying Tara just enough time to turn around and stab it in the head.

walking dead

This Walker Got a Little Fresh With Tara

After all the walkers are dispatched the bus catches fire. This prompts Abraham to insist that the group keep moving forward, despite the fact that everyone else wants to head back to the church because it’s much closer than Washington. This makes Abraham pissed and he starts to lose it a bit. Glenn tries to diffuse the situation and calms Abraham down, but the group proceeds on foot to Washington D.C.

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I Left the Cure In the Bus… OOPS

Abraham; A Family In Fear

Abraham has another flashback/memory of his past, and we see his family was hiding from him, cowering in fear. He tells them it’s alright, but he’s covered in blood and the family heard all of it when he killed the man with the canned good.

When he wakes up the next morning his family has left him with a not that reads, “Don’t try to find us.”

walking dead

I Married a Monster


It’s night time now and the group have found refuge in an old abandoned library that seems to still be in pretty nice shape. Glenn and Abraham are talking while the survey the area outside a window in the library when Abraham tells Glenn he finally knows why Glenn is with him. He says that Glenn really believes and cares in the mission. Glenn responds that he came along because he gave his word when Abraham agreed to stay at the church to help Rick’s group eliminate the hunters. Glenn tells Abraham he should get some rest and Abraham agrees, but says he’d rather “get some ass” first. Glenn responds by telling Abraham that he didn’t need to know that, and the two part ways.

Abraham is getting some ass from Rosita now and they see Eugene watching them, his head sticking out from above a bookshelf. Rosita says he’s standing in the self-help section and they both have a laugh.

walking dead

Tara catches Eugene and looks at him with a smirk like she caught him red handed. Eugene tells her, “Cards on the table I was watching them.” Eugene tells Tara that he sabotaged the bus and that’s the reason they crashed. When she asks why he tells her that if he isn’t able to cure the outbreak he wouldn’t have a use and they wouldn’t protect him anymore. Tara promises to not tell anyone his secret, but he has to promise not to do anything like that again. She then runs Eugene off and takes a peek herself.

walking dead

Tara Sneaks a Peek Herself


An Unlikely Hero

The next day the group finds a fire truck backed up against a building, and they decide to see if they can get it running.

walking dead

They manage to start the fire truck and move it a few feet before it stalls. They believe there’s too much walker guts in the intake and before they can clear it, walkers start pouring out of the recently unblocked door.

walking dead

Bullets? Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That

Just when it seems there are too many walkers for the survivors, Eugene mans the water turret mounted on the firetruck and saves the day. This act also won him the award of most walkers killed this episode.

walking dead

End of the Road

The fire truck breaks down on the side of the road, and the group is trying to get it started again. Suddenly Glenn smells the odor of death when a strong wind blows, and when the group investigates they see the biggest amount of walkers I think I’ve ever seen at one time in The Walking Dead.

walking dead

Walkers As Far As the Eye Can See

Everyone wants to head back or at least try to go around the field of walkers, but Abraham won’t listen to reason. When everyone bands together against Abraham he tries to take Eugene with him, causing a fight to break out. Just before Glenn and Abraham come to blows, Eugene tells the group he’s not a scientist.

walking dead

“I’m Not a Scientist.”

He confesses that He’s just very smart and a great liar. He only wanted to get to Washington because he thinks D.C. is the best chance of survival.

walking dead

When he tells them that he is responsible for the bus crash and how he is smarter than them, Abraham starts beating him senseless.

walking dead


When Abraham deals the final blow, Eugene gets knocked out cold and faceplants hard on the asphalt.

walking dead

Some of the people in the group try to check on Eugene but he is unresponsive.

walking dead

An Abraham Family Reunion

Abraham has one more flashback and we see he found his family had been eaten by walkers. Just as he’s about to commit suicide, a stranger yells out for help.

walking dead

Eugene is running screaming for help and Abraham helps him by killing the walkers. To stop Abraham from killing himself and leaving Eugene stranded he told him he is on a very important mission, and that’s where this episode ends.

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