For the longest time, we’ve thought that Justin Bieber and Paul Wesley were the same person. We’re still not convinced that they aren’t. Despite the 12-year age gap, it’s easy to believe that the two heartthrobs must have been separated at birth! When Justin Bieber rose to fame in 2010, we presumed it was the actor who played Stefan Salvatore breaking into the music industry. Now that Justin Bieber has passed puberty, it’s safe to say he looks exactly like Paul Wesley.

Anyone who looks like Paul Wesley is a gift from God. Even if it’s Justin Bieber.

Paul Wesley Justin Bieber
Fashionisto | Instagram

Justin and Paul basically share the same face…

Justin Bieber Paul Wesley
Instagram | Mr Porter

We won’t be convinced that Justin and Paul are two different people until we see them standing next to each other in front of our very own eyes.

Paul Wesley Justin Bieber lookalike

Justin is Paul’s doppelganger like Elena is Katherine’s in The Vampire Diaries!

justin bieber paul wesley

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We can’t figure out who is who…

Justin Bieber and Paul Wesley
Instagram | People

The resemblance is disturbing and captivating at the same time…

Paul Wesley and Justin Bieber

Once, Paul tried tricking us by actually dressing up as Justin. The trickery!

Paul Wesley dressed up Justin Bieber

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Okay, okay, we’ve come to terms with it. Justin Bieber and Paul Wesley are two entirely different beings. So now we ask, who’s hotter?!



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