Every Time Ariana Grande’s Hair Wasn’t Half-Up


Will we live long enough to see the day Ariana takes her hair out of that pony tail?

We love Ariana Grande for everything that she is. Cute, pretty and talented. If there’s one thing we’re getting bored of it’s her hairstyle. Ever since the dainty diva hit the charts with her single The Way, her signature hairstyle has remained the same. We’ve hardly seen the best of that silky brown barnet because it’s always half-up.

Don’t get us wrong, Ariana is constantly flawless but we would like to see the brunette beauty don a different hairstyle once in a while. Girl, we want to see you flick your hair and channel your inner Beyoncé!

So if you’re sick and tired of Ariana Grande’s permanent up-do, check out 13 different looks the singer has experimented with in the past and sometimes present…

Curly and natural in 2008

Short, red and racy in 2010

Basic and burgundy in 2010

Before the half-up was Ari’s thing, red was once her thing

That head bow changes EVERYTHING!

Do you even know what Ari looks like with her hair down?!

Ariana Grande hair down

Ariana Grande | Instagram

Is that actually you, Ari?

It’s a wig, but it makes a difference!

Ariana Grande blonde hair

Ariana Grande | Instagram

Cute bunz, hun!

It’s a completely different, mature looking person!

ariana grande hair down

A rarity happened in September 2015. Ariana actually let her natural curls flow and she looked GORGEOUS!

ariana grande natural hair

arianagrande | Instagram

Seriously, we’re in LOVE with these curls!



Ariana got bangs, so got bangs…


ariana grande | Instagram

We’re so over the cheerleader hair, Ariana. It’s time to go all diva on us and wear your luscious locks – DOWN!

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