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Beyonce and Jay-Z Share Wedding Footage At ‘On The Run’ Concert

They secretly married back in 2008 and six years down the line, we’ve finally been given a sneak peek into the power couple’s wedding.

Whilst On The Run, Beyoncé and Jay-Z decided to air some footage from their special day during a performance of Forever Young. The dynamic duo kicked off their tour in Miami last week and gave the audience an exclusive treat.

The never-before-seen wedding clip shows Beyoncé in her white gown and Jay-Z in his charming tuxedo. The rapper then places a ring on Queen B’s finger and they both walk down the aisle amongst cheering guests.

The footage also shows the moment when Bey and Jay got their matching “IV” tattoos done.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z usually keep their personal lives very private so sharing this video was a big move! CUTE!

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