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‘Jurassic Park 4′ gets official title & release date

We’re reminiscent of those famous thunderous footsteps echoing through a rainy park. We’re about to be reminded of those frightening roars and those terrifying colossi…The epic Jurassic Park series is about to have a fourth instalment and we’re thrilled.

Universal Pictures have announced that the fourth dinosaur blockbuster movie will be titled Jurassic World and is due to hit theaters June 12th 2015.

Jurassic World

Fourteen years after Jurassic Park III and twenty-two years after the first ever Jurassic Park flick, dinosaurs are about to roar back onto cinema screens for the fourth chapter.

Renowned director Steven Spielberg will not be returning to direct the 2015 movie but will instead be co-producer. The confirmed director for Jurassic World is Colin Trevorrow.  Trevorrow has teased that the fourth instalment will feature a new dinosaur as well as underwater dinosaurs. The setting will allegedly take place in Isla Nublar – the same location seen in the original 1993 motion picture. 

We suppose Jurassic World will be shown in 3D which makes the wait even more anticipated! We can’t wait for those dinosaurs to stomp across our screen!

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