Miley Cyrus releases shocking music video for ‘Wrecking Ball’


This good girl gone bad is hungry to be in the spotlight and she sure knows how feed her attention-seeking-self…

Miley Cyrus has debuted the music video to her latest single – Wrecking Ball. The video was released yesterday (September 9th) and has caused quite a stir and has sent shock-waves through the entire music world….

The mother of all twerkers has decided to go all out in her latest visual that was directed by controversial photographer Terry Richardson. The singer shows off her acting skills, her signature tongue talent and her naked torso…

Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball

Wrecking Ball is as a matter of fact, a tolerable song. It starts off with Ellie Goulding-influenced vocals, leads on to sound like a Katy Perry and P!nk kinda track and ends sounding similar to Lana Del Rey. The pop ballad is without question better than Miley’s previous single – We Can’t Stop. However the latest hit is wrecked by its accompanied music video.

The once-was innocent teenage star is quite the outlandish popstar. In the music video, Miley is seen swinging, stripping and shedding tears. The raunchy singer wears a white crop-top (evidently with no bra) and white knickers. She gets provocative as she begins licking sledgehammers and is then seen in her birthday suit swinging on and canoodling with a wrecking ball chain. We’re flabbergasted!

It’s daring, it’s naughty and is slightly over the top. Just when we thought Miley couldn’t top the obscenity and vulgarity of that VMA performance, this happens!

A source has told Hollywood Life ,

“Miley has shot with Terry a lot over the years so she’s very comfortable with him and she trusts him, She chose him to direct her video because he’s all about pushing boundaries and making a statement. That’s what Miley’s into right now, Miley loved the idea of going naked because it suits the song — she’s showing her naked emotions. It’s her vulnerable side and it’s not something she shows very often, so having nudity made sense.”

Wrecking Ball is the second single to drop from Miley’s upcoming album Bangerz . Bangerz will be available for download in the UK on October 7th and in the US – October 8th.

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