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A$AP Rocky slaps female fan & is charged with assault

A$AP Rocky gets a little too violent and that’s his F**kin’ Problem…

A$AP Rocky has been charged with assault according to TMZThe rapper has allegedly been accused of slapping a female fan on Saturday (August 31st) in Philadelphia at the Made In America concert.

Asap Rocky

The victim who is said to be a young mum was apparently at the receiving end of Rocky’s palm while he was making his way through the crowd of fans during the concert. Fanatic fans were reporteldy tugging on the rapper’s shirt which led him to strike the alleged victim with a hard slap.

The victim who was once a fan of the hip-hop artist suffered from whiplash due to the heavy impact. She “filed a criminal complaint with the District Attorney’s Office”, claim TMZ. 

A$AP Rocky has now been charged with misdemeanor simple assault.  He has given no word regarding the incident since….


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