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US Box Office Chart: ‘One Direction: This Is Us’ debuts at number 1

One Direction: This Is Us has stormed the US box office chart diving straight for the number one position. The boyband’s documentary film has pushed Lee Daniels’ The Butler to number two taking it away from its two-week stay at number one.

Debuting at number five this week is Mexican film Instructions Not Included while Getaway thriller movie starring Ethan Hawke is also a newcomer at nine.

Rounding up the US box office chart this week is Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters at number ten.

US Box Office - Sep 1st, 2013

Position Last Week Movie Title Earnings
01 (-) One Direction: This Is Us $17,018,000
02 (1) Lee Daniels' The Butler $13,500,000
03 (2) We're the Millers $9,300,000
04 (5) Planes $7,756,000
05 (-) Instructions Not Included $7,500,000
06 (7) Elysium $6,300,000
07 (3) The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones $5,200,000
08 (4) The World's End $4,759,000
09 (-) Getaway $4,505,000
10 (8) Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters $4,425,000
source: Rentrak

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