Beyonce’s Greatest Songs & Best Moments


Raise your glasses to the Queen of music because today she is celebrating her 32nd birthday!

Sassy, confident, talented, beautiful and inspirational – the list goes on. Beyonce is one of the best artists there is today. She is second-to-none and is superior in all that she does.


Beyonce turns 32 today and in order to wish the singer the happiest of birthdays we are going to look at three (to mark the 3 of 32) of her most Brilliant songs and two (to mark the 2 of 32) of her Best moments.

3 of Beyonce’s most Brilliant songs:

1. Crazy In Love (feat. Jay-Z)

Although it’s been 10 years since the release of Crazy In Love, it still stands as one of the greatest pop songs out there. It was Beyonce’s first solo single without her Destiny’s Child girls to top the charts. It’s a dance-floor favorite that features her hubby Jay-Z and will forever live on.

2. Listen

Beyonce melted our hearts and sang her best in the soundtrack for movie, Dreamgirls. Listen is undoubtedly one of Bey’s finest that no one has bettered since. Not only was this track a beautiful song but it also showcased the songstress’ unique powerhouse vocals.

3. Single Ladies

We liked it and we defo put a ring on itSingle Ladies is most probably the one Queen B song that comes to mind when thinking of Beyonce. She’s taught us the dance-moves and owned the stage. This was a worldwide, catchy hit! Got it in your head already right?

2 of Beyonce’s Best moments:

1. Giving birth to Blue Ivy.

In January 2012, Beyonce became a mother. The superstar has shown us that being a mother sure doesn’t stop you from being super-glam and hot!


2. Superbowl 2013

We were spell-bound by Beyonce’s 15-minute performance at the Superbowl this year. Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams also joined the diva on stage for a short DC reunion which had us mesmerized! Beyonce is breathtaking when she hits that stage!

Happy Birthday Beyonce!

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