11 Shocking Celebrity Tattoos including Cheryl Cole’s


Cheryl Cole sure has some rosy cheeks! The singer brandished her brand new tattoo on Saturday making everyone think the beauty was out of her mind…

Sprawled across her lower back and bum cheeks are English roses with a red and black design. We must admit, it is an impressive piece of art however our Chezza went a little too far with this one – literally and physically!

Cheryl Cole tattoo

The photo of the gigantic red rose inking was posted by Cheryl’s tattoo artist Nikko Hurtado on Instagram. Sending everyone into frenzy, the tattoo was confirmed by the 30-year-old herself on Twitter as she retweeted many of her fans’ compliments.

This was a rather drastic addition to Cheryl’s collection of tats. Will she not regret this in years to come? But on the other hand, who on earth (other than her partner) will see the brunette’s backside anyway? To each to his own…

Below, we take a look at ten other famous faces whose skin etchings we’d much rather disappear:

1. Chris Brown has a frightening woman’s face tatted on the side of his neck. Many assumed this depicted Rihanna’s bruised face when he assaulted her in 2009. What was he thinking?

Chris Brown tattoo

2. Zayn Malik is that ambitious about his future with Perrie Edwards, he decided to get a cartoon version of her on his upper arm. Bit much hey?

3. Tulisa has a surprise to offer those who get in her pants as she has the words “Lucky You” inked on her lower stomach. Talk about tacky…

Tulisa tattoo

4. Mike Tyson went to extremes when it came to his choice of tattoo. The boxer got this huge design trailed across the side of his eye. That’s gotta hurt!

Mike Tyson tattoo

5. Ke$ha chose a more private part of her body to get the words “Suck It!” tattooed on her. If anyone bugs her, she’ll only have to pull her bottom lip down…

Kesha tattoo

6. Rihanna dedicated this inking to her late grandma. The art is remarkable but we’re not sure every bikini will compliment this tat…

Rihanna tattoo

7. Steve-O is known for his rebellious antics but this shenanigan went a little too far. The Jackass star had his face tattooed on his entire back. Not modest at all…

Steve O tattoo

8. Angelina Jolie was so in love with Billy Bob she had his name inked on her shoulder. We’re pretty sure Brad Pitt was involved in the removal of this one…

Angelina Jolie tattoo

9. Jamie Foxx apparently received this tattoo after a hair transplant…anything to hide the scars…


10. Eve has had some paws walk all over her. That’s quite the cheeky tat…Any regrets Eve?

Eve tattoo

Who has the most shocking tattoo? Vote below:



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