Robin Thicke – ‘Blurred Lines’: Album Review


Robin ThickeThe way Robin Thicke’s single Blurred Lines has stormed the charts since its release has had us in complete and utter awe. And now with his debut album also titled ‘Blurred Lines’, Thicke is about to rock the music industry like never before.

Robin Thicke’s lengthy EP features 14 songs (Deluxe version), each one possessing its own vibe intended to target various music listeners. The R&B crooner has departed from his previous mature and soulful sound in his sixth studio album. The exceptional vocalist has attempted to throw in a mixture of genres into Blurred Lines including a tinge of pop, a dose of dance, a dash of ’70s disco, a taster of neo-soul and even light dubstep…

If any Justin Timberlake fans thought that The 20/20 Experience was not Timberlake-y enough for them, then Blurred Lines is the one for their playlists. It’s undeniably very easy to mistake Robin Thicke for JT on this album what with his identical vocals and form of music. It sounds like Justin has had a run for his money with Robin’s latest work especially on tracks such as Take It Easy On Me and Pressure. 

Put Your Lovin On Me is one of our favorites on the EP. It offers a contemporary sound that is bound to make a mark in the singles charts. It has a slight dubstep influence and features Robin’s soothing vocals. The hit-maker adds a touch of ’70s funk in tracks like Ooo La La and Get In My Way. These are certainly dance floor favorites.

The song that leans more on the dance side is Give It 2 U which features rapper Kendrick Lamar while Feel Good is a suitable uplifting, mood-changing hit.

Robin gets dreamy in songs like 4 The Rest Of My Life and The Good Life which jerk back memories of his original ballad-type tracks.

While Blurred Lines is undoubtedly a JT-spin-off we give it a standing ovation for Robin’s success in delivering a catchy, modern summer pop-record that promises to be a win in the album charts.

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