Mila Kunis: Her Best Movie Roles


Glam, hot, talented and super-cute…

Mila Kunis is celebrating a milestone today as she turns 30. The Ukrainian-born Hollywood A-Lister has had her time in the movie and TV industry like no other. Guys swoon over her, girls admire her and Hollywood has casted her in many well-known flicks.


To celebrate Mila’s 30th birthday, we have dished out her best moments in Hollywood and TV. Check them out below…

1. Family Guy

If you didn’t know this, well you know it now! Mila voices the character of Meg Griffins in Family Guy. We love Meg but sorry, she just doesn’t own Mila’s gorg looks! Mila has been the voice behind Meg since 1999.

Mila Kunis Meg Griffin

2. That ’70s Show

The world watched Mila blossom from a teenager into a woman on the TV series That 70’s Show. From the age of fourteen to twenty-two, Mila played Jackie Burkhart alongside her current boyfriend Ashton Kutcher.

That 70s Show Mila Kunis

3. Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Mila played heartthrob Rachel in the movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall saving Peter (Jason Segel) from a tough break-up. We’d say this was Mila’s break into Hollywood and the movie that informed the world about her talent.


4. Black Swan

Mila appeared in the Natalie Portman movie Black Swan as Lilly. A rival, a bad girl and an adventurous dancer, Mila played this character superbly.


5. Friends With Benefits

This chick flick was one of Mila’s greatest successes. Playing the role of Jamie alongside Justin Timberlake, Friends With Benefits is a heart-melter what with two of the hottest names in Hollywood starring in it.


6. Ted

Mila was given even more exposure playing the girlfriend of Mark Wahlberg who had a teddy as a bestie. Ted’s limelight in the movie was undoubtedly shadowed by Mila’s cuteness…

Ted Mila Kunis

7. Oz the Great and Powerful

The actress shined light on her villainous side in this Disney flick as she played Thedora the witch. Even as a green witch with an over-sized nose, Mila looked awesome…

Mila Kunis OZ

So there you have it! Our favourite Mila Kunis TV and movie moments!


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