Chris Brown sued by Frank Ocean’s cousin


Chris Brown Frank OceanIt’s a never-ending headache for Chris Brown…as if the seizure last week wasn’t enough, it appears Brown has yet another issue to deal with.

Chris Brown is reportedly being sued by Frank Ocean’s cousin following the brawl that occurred between the two stars in January.

Brown and Ocean were involved in a bust-up outside an LA recording studio at the beginning of the year following an argument over a parking space. While Ocean suffered a cut finger and Brown was seen wearing a cast over his hand there was another victim to the scrap – Frank Ocean’s cousin,  Sha’keir Duarte.

Sha’keir Duarte has filed a lawsuit in L.A Superior Court claiming that Chris Brown’s bodyguard named ‘Hood’ had beat him up at the time of the incident and that Brown had been egging him on. According to TMZ, Duarte suffered “at least twelve kicks to the body and several to the head, while he lay on the ground.”

During the attack, Chris Brown was heard yelling, “Get that n****r!” and continued, “You just got your ass beat and it’s all on camera.”

The scuffle resulted with Duarte apparently being “permanently disabled”, leaving him no choice but to sue Chris for “unspecified damages”.

TMZ provided an update from Brown’s rep saying, “Chris Brown does not employee anyone named Hood.”

Is the Channel Orange singer’s cousin telling the truth or is this just another scheme to come back and bite Chris?

“Emotional stress” and “nonstop negativity” are what caused Chris to suffer from a seizure last week. It’s an endless battle for Breezy. Sigh…

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