Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars, Chris Brown & Daft Punk bring back disco music


Before 2013, the thought of disco music returning sounded ever so cheesy and avoidable however this year, plenty of renowned artists have made 70’s disco music cool and contemporary like you’d never have imagined!

Taking us back in time and springing up the soulful retro sound are artists Daft Punk, Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown and Rihanna. These stars have given today’s familiar R&B sound the heave-ho and offered us something strikingly exclusive in the music genre. Bringing back memories of classic 70’s hits by icons such as Michael Jackson or the Bee Gees with a present-day spin has expoded the music industry today like no other.

Daft Punk’s Get Lucky is a funk-flavoured tune that reached number one in over 40 countries. The disco-era sound is transmitted through Get Lucky via the guitar riffs and groovy bass line. Even the video took on that 70’s look. It’s simply awesome!

Chris Brown and Rihanna recorded a track together called Nobody’s Business. The R&B duo took on an MJ classic The Way You Make Me Feel and turned it into a modish yet old-school song that leads anyone onto the dance-floor. The party, disco number is infectious and uplifting!

Bruno Mars has Treasured the 70’s in his latest track and music video. Treasure has received immense positive feedback for its one-of-a-kind tone. Its’ authentic disco sound reminds us of 70’s artists such as Shalamar or Michael Jackson. The groovy and cheerful vibe is accompanied by an impressive old-school video too!

Justin Timberlake’s very recent single Take Back The Night is a dance-floor banger. It embraces such swagger and adds to all the other retro-soul-disco tracks we’ve been hearing. The 70’s-esque jam has got us moving and grooving. It’s a fave!

Chris Brown has expressed how much he worships MJ and his latest single Fine China pretty much confirms it. Fine China gives you a unique dose of 70’s and 80’s music that includes replica vocals by the legendary King Of Pop. It’s smooth and vintage-sounding vibe is a disco beat to be remembered!

So there you have it. So far these artists have failed to disappoint with their old-school approach to music and we love it! Do you? Vote below…


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