Game of Thrones ‘The Spoils of War’ – A Visual Recap

game thrones spoils war recap

Drop your Direwolf capes and duck for cover! This episode is FIRE!

Here’s my recap for Game of Thrones, Season 7, Episode 4: The Spoils of War. ENTER THE DRAGON!

game of thrones season 7


Fast forward all the boring stuff, let’s dive straight into the nitty gritty. As you may recall in last week’s episode, Bran (or should I say, “The Three Eyed Raven”) unexpectedly returned to Winterfell. Upon his (not so friendly arrival), Littlefinger decides to pay Bran a visit and “gift” him with the infamous dagger that was used to almost kill him seasons ago.

It’s also the one Littlefinger held against Ned’s throat when he betrayed him, and the one that cut Catelyn’s throat at the Red Wedding (ahh, good times). Quite a thoughtful gift you might say?

bran littlefinger


Baelish then rambles on about his love for Cat, and how Bran got home only to find such chaos in the world. “Chaos is a ladder,” Bran reminds him, totally freaking him out. This is the exact phrase Littlefinger once used in a conversation exchange with Varys back in season three. Astonished and alarmed, Petyr leaves.

BUSTED! You know everything, Bran Stark.

Meera comes over to part ways, shocked at how little gratitude Bran shows for her. In her very own words, Meera died for you, Bran! Hodor held the door for you and Summer gave up his life for you! God damn it, Meera even almost died for you! The girl broke her back carrying yo ass!

meera game of thrones meera

Tearing up in realization of who Bran has become, she says “You died in that cave…”

I’m crying right now, guys.

The most likely case is, that Bran died mentally to evolve, but I can’t help but consider maybe Bran himself is actually dead and the previous Three-Eyed Raven is in his body..?? It’s a little far-fetched I know, very unlikely and I like the philosophic option a lot better but still, a possibility.

Anyhow, this is a better character development after last week’s out-of-nowhere tactless creepy behavior.

You could cut the tension with a dagger. Arya, atop her horse, is riding with Winterfell is plain sight. This is actually happening, three Stark kids are reuniting – it almost feels too good to be true – is something suicidally awful going to happen to one of our faves?

arya winterfell


Sansa and Arya reunite in the Crypts and it is EVERYTHING! They’ve come a long way since their bickering days.

arya sansa


Together, they visit Bran at the Godswood, and wow! He’s got a new wheelchair. It resembles paintings of a chair that Bran the Builder (the one who built the Wall) sat on, which reminds me of a theory that our Bran is actually several notable Bran’s throughout history, with his time-twisting abilities.

bran the builder


(Although this theory also means he must’ve banged several of his great-great-great-grandmothers (yikes!) and thus is his own ancestor? I dunno lol it’s freaky stuff!)

Arya’s puzzled when she hears of Littlefinger’s presence in Winterfell, as Bran hands her his dagger. I could be wrong but I bet Arya poetically slits Petyr’s throat with his own dagger. Or even better, kills the white walkers with it. It is Valariyan Steel, after all.

arya bran


Seeing three out of four Stark children home is something I never thought I’ll see in my lifetime, and it makes me almost as satisfied and proud as Brienne is right now.

brienne spoils of war


stark reunion


Petyr looks concerned as fuck though- as he bloody should be; your reign of chaos is coming to a probable violent end soon, Lord Baelish.

He already has various fronts to worry about:

  • Arya could expose him for working with Tywin (that time in Harrenhal)
  • Sansa could expose him for murdering loony toon aunt Lysa
  • The Hound (where is he anyway?) could spill the beans on betraying Poor Old Headless Dead Ned

And Bran.. Bran’s tripping! JK, he probably has a variety of Littlefinger’s crimes to unravel.

It’s no longer a matter of will Baelish meet his end, but rather when and by whom.

Jon and Dany have their “first date” (kinda) in a hidden cave where the dragonglass is being mined. Leading Dany through the dark, Jon shows her art drawn by the Children of the Forest, centuries ago.



walkers children forest


Looking at drawings of the white walkers, Dany finally agrees to fight for the north.

jon dany spoils war


Great, so it took a bunch of kids’ drawings to convince her. UGH! In case you can’t remember who the Children of the Forest are, they’re the ones who created the white walkers, as seen in one of Bran’s visions last season.



Anyway, Dany only agrees to help fight these creatures on one condition –that Jon bends the knee – yes, right here, right now, in this dark and not-so-romantic cave.

game of thrones


Jon and Dany may be related but the chemistry is REAL, guys! Ygritte must be rolling over in her grave right now.

jon snow daenerys targaryen


Tyrion fills Dany in with the recent development in Casterly Rock and Highgarden. Mad that Tyrion’s plan let her down, Dany then turns to her crush Jon and seeks his input. Turns out he’s got the same advice as Tyrion – stay put woman, DO NOT BE A DRAGON.

Arya gets back to training with none other than Brienne of Tarth – and boy is she impressed. Even Sansa and Littlefinger are mind-blown by Arya’s sword skills.

arya brienne


arya stark


“Who taught you to do that?” Brianne asks. “No One”, Arya replies. BEST LINE OF THE SEASON THUS FAR!

arya no one


Cut to The Reach where Randyll Tarly informs Jaime and Bronn about the gold’s safe arrival at King’s Landing. Their conversations are cut short when they see a dark cloud looming closer and sounds of screeching men approach.

jaime bronn


Furious chanting Dothraki hordes storm the scene followed shortly behind by Daenerys and Drogon. That’s right. Drogon has touched down in Westeros, folks and it’s about to get LIT (pun intended).

spoils of war


In what is one of Daenerys’ most powerful scenes yet, she utters the magic word and Drogon roasts hundreds of Lannisters alive. Jaime’s army is set on literal fire and Dothraki men rampage through the human barbeque, slaying anyone who’s left behind.

daenerys drogon


drogon season 7


game of thrones drogon



Deep breath.

game of thrones


Among the chaos and crispy people, Bronn suddenly uncovers the secret deadly weapon used to kill dragons. SERIOUSLY MY HEARTS RACING AGAIN, GUYS HELP!

Dany approaches Bronn who aims and HITS DROGON! I may or may not have died for a few seconds.

drogon spoils war


For a long, terrifying moment it seems as though Dany will fall to her death, but then the dragon stabilizes enough to “Dracarys” the shit up again. Drogon weakens and is forced to land while Dany tries to remove the gigantic arrow from his scales.

Suddenly, Jaime sees this as an opportunity to slay the queen. Charging towards her with a spear (palms are sweating, I’m dead already, y’all), Drogon turns his big beautiful head and opens his mouth to let out more dragon fire.

game of thrones


jaime dany


Jaime looks as good as dead – when somebody (presumably Bronn- or maybe Dickon?) jumps over in the nick of all times – to push him out of the way.

jaime drogon


Jaime lands in the water and all goes up in flames. His armor slowly pulls him deeper into the ocean and the scene fades to black.

game of thrones jaime


What an outstanding episode! After last week’s mild disappointment I am glad to say the season has switched gears.

Yet again we face a situation where two characters we love (Dany VS Jaime / Bronn) battle to possible death, and we don’t know what to expect. Personally I’m team Stark, but although Cersei is the “big villain”, I prefer Jaime over Dany any day of the week.

I have to praise the performances of Nikolaj Coster-Waldo (Jaime), Jerome Flynn (Bronn), Peter Dinklage (Tyrion), Maisie Williams (Arya) and Ellie Kendrick (Meera); and the amazing effects, photography etc. used in the battle scene.

Jaime and Tyrion are at their most basic humane cores. Bronn is at his most heroic and badass. Arya effortlessly owns every second and totally kills it with charisma, pathos and confidence. And Meera? She had her most saddening performance yet, and I’m sorry she’s gone.

Is this the end of Jaime Lannister and perhaps the mighty Drogon? Is it also the rebirth of the new Mad Queen- Daenerys?

Until next week, guys!

Next Episode: Eastwatch

Episode Rating
4.7 Outstanding

What an outstanding episode! After last week's mild disappointment I am glad to say the season has switched gears!

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