Game of Thrones ‘The Queen’s Justice’ – A Visual Recap

game thrones queens justice recap

What’s in store for us this week, GoT geeks? The Lannisters strike back, Cersei gets her justice in more ways than just one, someone dies a bittersweet death and most importantly, the war wages on. Hop on the dragon and buckle up your seatbelts! Here’s my Game of Thrones recap for The Queen’s Justice

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Before I tuck in to this week’s shenanigans, I’d like to point out a little something something I noticed during the show’s opening sequence. The sea near the Wall is totally frozen over. Is this a sign of things to come? Is this a way for the White Walkers to pass around the Wall? My heart’s racing already…

game of thrones wall frozen


Back to business.

Jon and Davos arrive at Dragonstone, greeted by Tyrion and Missandei. They’re forced to hand over all their weapons to Dothraki soldiers before making their way to the Dragonstone castle.

jon queens justice


Seeing Tyrion and Jon reunite is super-cool. You’ve got to love how Jon recalls Tyrion pissing from the Wall all those seasons ago. Our two super-men together again at last!

As they head towards the castle, Dany’s dragons swoop and screech right over Jon’s head, leaving him amazed, speechless and if you ask me, a little afraid.

dragons jon


game of thrones jon snow


Jon and Davos finally enter the throne room and come face to face with the one and only Daenerys Targaryen.

I’m sure fans’ squeals of happiness echoed through the entire globe after seeing Dany, Jon and Tyrion finally meet.

jon snow davos


daenerys throne


Name a more iconic trio. I’ll wait.

jon daenerys tyrion


Missandei announces the clusterfuck of titles Dany has only for Davos to say: Jon Snow, King in the North. #Awkward!

daenerys long name


game of thrones davos


You can always trust the internet to come up with a funny meme for this…

jon daenerys starbucks meme


Dany wants Jon to bend the knee, but he doesn’t. He’s here to warn her about the army of the dead but unfortunately, it all sounds like horror movie pantomime to her.

The Night King is no enemy to Dany, especially after being “chained and betrayed, raped and defiled”.

tyrion dany


Making it crystal clear to Jon, Dany tells him, “Do you know what kept me standing all these years in exile? Faith. Not in any Gods, not in myths and legends. In myself. In Daenerys Targaryan… I was born to rule the seven kingdoms, and I will”.

It reminded me of Orange Is the New Black’s Piper Chapman saying: “I have been starved out, felt up, teased, stalked, threatened, and called Taylor Swift”. Not quite, but you get what I mean.

Refusing to help fight the white walkers wasn’t the only mistake Daenerys made during her meeting with Jon Snow. She even proclaimed herself as “the last Targaryen”. As explained in our Stark/Targaryen family tree, Jon is in fact the last living Targaryen.

danenerys jon snow


You truly know nothing Jon Snow…

Just as Dany says she doesn’t need Jon’s help to dethrone Cersei, Varys informs her of Euron’s attack which neutralized most of her allies.

Euron parades around the streets of King’s Landing with Ellaria, Tyene and Yara as prisoners. He treats Cersei to her “gifts” and boy does she unwrap them with evil delight.

game of thrones euron


Locking them in a dungeon, the queen confronts Ellaria, and reminds her of how gruesomely her husband Oberyn died a few seasons ago. For the revenge of Myrcella’s death, Cersei poisons Ellaria’s daughter Tyene, poetically with the same poison Ellaria killed Myrcella with – and leaves Ellaria to remain there after the body rots and decomposes for the rest of her days.

Best scene of the episode by far, most terrifying torture method yet. Cersei is indestructible, yo.

cersei poison


ellaria tyene

Vanity Fair

Jon doesn’t bend the knee, but Cersei sure does! Turned on by her own cruelty, Cersei goes to “play” with Jaime in their bedroom. UGH!

cersei jaime


Tyrion manages to sway Daenerys’ opinions on Jon Snow. He tells her about Jon’s quest for the dragonglass and finally, she lets him mine it to kill the white walkers.

dany jon snow


Enjoyed the return of Tyrion’s epic witty lines?! See more of his best quotes now!

Is Dany slowly warming to Jon? Damn right she is! I mean, who wouldn’t?! Plus, that’s her nephew, it’s about time she accepted him.

jon snow daenerys


In Winterfell, Sansa makes preparations for the winter. She gets a knock at the gate and just when we think Arya’s about to show up, it’s none other than little old Bran.

He’s home! Another Stark reunion, another tear to wipe.

game of thrones

Digital Spy

The sibling reunion is heartwarming until Bran reveals his erm, talent of being the Three Eyed Raven. He tells Sansa about her rape, which he apparently saw in a vision, and how beautiful she was at her wedding.

Sansa immediately leaves Bran to sit alone as fear and confusion takes over. She’s totally creeped out by her once-was-adorable-little brother-now-turned-weirdo and we don’t blame her.

sansa bran


Girl, if you can handle Joffrey and Ramsay, you can handle Bran’s weirdness, too. Wait until you learn Arya is “no one” and Jon is a Targaryan! Oh the shivers!

I really don’t understand why Bran would bring up Sansa’s rape, of all things. For years he’s yearned to reunite with his family and that’s the first thing he says?! He could’ve told her about Lysa’s murder, which would also speed things up with Littlefinger, revealing his true colors. Is there a reason for Bran’s strange behavior? Did he have too many visions and become numb, like the previous Three Eyed Raven? Did he see Sansa betray Jon or die? That could explain why he’s so cold to her…

bran stark


Meanwhile, archmaester Ebrose says Jorah’s infections have healed. Jorah and Sam say their goodbyes with a handshake. Sam manages to escape punishment and is instead given old crumbling scrolls to copy before they decompose – let me guess, there’s something important in there. What else is Sam going to uncover? This guy is a freakin’ legend and boy has he come far!

Dany suggests she and the dragons go hunt after Euron’s fleet but Tyrion advises otherwise. As he narrates, we see the battle break out between the Unsullied and the Lannisters at Casterly Rock. Tyrion was once in charge of the sewers, so he made a secret passage into the castle, from which he let hookers in when he was young – AKA – the Hoe-Door! Too soon? Sorry.

Creeping through the sewers, the Unsullied manage to infiltrate and win Casterly Rock but Grey Worm senses something is wrong – he expected many more Lannister soldiers. He sees Euron’s forces torch the Unsullied’ ships while the Lannister forces ambush Highgarden.

The war is on, folks!

queens justice

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Entering Olenna’s room, Jaime tells her they emptied the food supplies from Casterly Rock and burned the Unsullied ships so they will have to cross Westeros on foot. He tells Olenna that Cersei wanted her brutally killed, perhaps whipped through the streets of King’s Landing and beheaded near the Red Keep, perhaps flaying her alive and hanging her from the walls… but Jaime gives her a gentler, painless death by poison instead.

After she takes her final sip of the poison, Olenna confesses that she was the one responsible for Joffrey’s death. Her final words? “Tell Cersei I want her to know it was me”.


olenna death


What a send-off. What a badass, fearless and EPIC way to die. Olenna was one of my favorite characters and it was only appropriate that she got the last word. Queen of savages!

In just two episodes, Cersei, Jaime and Euron have taken down Yara, Ellaria and Olenna, and delayed Grey Worm and the Unsullied greatly, so it seems Dany’s off to a rough start. Jon and Dany aren’t BFF’s yet, but hopefully her failures encourage her to see the ally in him.

It’s getting colder. Winter is almost here. Until next week!

Next Episode: The Spoils of War

Episode Rating
4.1 Spine-tingling

Seeing Dany, Jon and Tyrion cross paths was long-awaited and spine-tingling. Ollena's best-kept secret was revealed in the most sensational way, yet.

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