Game of Thrones ‘Stormborn’ – A Visual Recap

game thrones stormborn recap

The season premiere delivered ice, now dive right into the fire (too soon, Houndy?). Here’s my Game of Thrones recap for the extremely hot episode- Stormborn (beware spoilers), which brings us several familiar faces, intimate moments and one hell of a killer cliffhanger!

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A storm in the Narrow Sea kick-starts a Throwback Thursday conversation between Daenerys, Tyrion and Varys who ponder over the past. Varys gets the spotlight when Dany questions his loyalty – he supported Robert Baratheon’s plot to assassinate her in season one, after all.

daenerys stormborn


Tyrion defends him and Varys himself does not apologize, but appears to be quite forthcoming and straightforward. His loyalty does not lie in any king but in the people, and ultimately he chooses to support Dany (what’s his true agenda?). Varys swears not to go behind her back should she ever fail the people, and she swears if he ever betrays her, she’ll burn him alive. How heartwarming.

daenerys varys


In comes Melisandre. She warns Dany of the Walkers’ threat, and asks her to summon Jon Snow to Dragonstone (oh no, “Jonerys” romcom fan girls might get their wish, yuck). Why? Melisandre believes he is “The prince that was promised” – AKA, the Messiah who can kill all the white walkers.



Missandei interrupts and corrects Melissandre’s translation, “That noun has no gender in high Valyrian, so the proper translation for that prophecy would be “the prince or princess who was promised will bring the dawn.”

Could Daenerys be the legendary Azor Ahai? Or is it Jon Snow? One thing’s for sure, the two fan-favorite characters are related (Our Stark/Targaryen family tree explains that theory) and I can’t wait to finally see them meet.



Cersei blabbers at the Throne Room about her enemies across the Narrow Sea. Interestingly, the things she says to gain the support of the people about Dany are actually true. The Mother of Dragons is indeed brutal. It makes you wonder how badly we are manipulated to forget, forgive and ignore Dany’s faults. Does she truly have the potential to become Cersei #2, or worse – The Mad King #2?

Later in the Dragon Pit, Maester Qyborn shows Cersei a mighty weapon to slay the dragons. The Queen clutches onto the giant crossbow and admires it like a pot of gold. She fires it at the legendary dragon Balerion’s skull which smashes into smithereens…

cersei crossbow

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Back to ShitaCitadel. Archmaester Ebrose informs Jorah, whose face is still human but front side is monstrous, he has years to live, but he will soon lose his mind. Sam is there of course, needless to say, always helpful. He wants to inform Jorah’s family of his illness and in this moment he realizes he’s Jeor’s son. Small world, eh?

In a strategic meeting, Yara suggests Dany should attack King’s Landing at once, but Tyrion says the dragons will take too many innocent lives. After clashing with Ellaria over Myrcella’s assassination, Dany announces she won’t be attacking King’s Landing (Yay! Wait, what..?!).

Tyrion lays out the master plan: the Greyjoy, Dorne and Tyrell forces will have a siege on King’s Landing, while the Dothrakis and Unsullied attack Casterly Rock. Dany requests a one-to-one with Olenna, who basically tells her to ignore wise men like Tyrion.  “Are you a sheep? No, you’re a dragon. BE a dragon”.

olenna daenerys


Will Daenerys follow Tyrion’s sensible advice and act smartly or will she listen to Olenna who recommends going out with dragons blazing?

I don’t know about you but I snoozed during Grey Worm and Missandei pointless romantic farewell scene. Are they preparing us for his death? At least he managed to experience some hot eunuch lovemaking…

missandei grey worm


After discovering a cure, Sam gets Jorah drunk with Rom to heal his Grey Scale. “Take off your shirt… if you wouldn’t mind, bite that hard…have you ever done this before?”

Excuse my dirty mind but that’s still a better love story than MissanWorm’s right? I kid…

game of thrones game of thrones

Sam performs a risky, stomach-turning operation, peeling scales off of Jorah. OUCH! YIKES! What’s with the grossness of this magical place?! First puke, then poo, now pus!

Hey there’s our little charming serial killer Arya and HEYYYY HERE’S OUR MASTER CHEF HOT PIE! (And Gendry’s still rowing? :| ). After discussing pies (duh), lady Brienne, and past experiences, Arya reveals shes on her way to King’s Landing. He tells her Winterfell is back in the good hands of Jon Snow which immediately encourages her to get on her horse and ride north. FINALLY!

arya hot pie


After receiving Sam’s message from the Shitadel and an invitation from Daenerys, Jon announces that he will ride to Dragonstone. Everyone’s disapproves of his decision to leave the North. Even Lyanna and Sansa are fuming. Despite the protest, Jon insists, delivering a great speech: “None of you have seen the army of the dead, none of you. We can never hope to defeat them alone, we need allies, powerful allies. I know it’s a risk. But I have to take it”.

jon snow


He leaves the North in Sansa’s good (if slightly opinionated) hands. I’m reaalllyyy excited for Jon to meet Daenerys but why does he have to leave when Arya’s finally returning home?

Littlefinger creepily meets Jon in the Crypts and throws some vacant words about Ned, Catelyn, Tyrion and the past. The Master of Manipulation makes a moronic move by telling Jon that he “loves Sansa”.

jon stormborn


King Snow has none of it. He pushes him up against the wall strangling him (like father like son) and then passionately kisses him. Just kidding, he threatens him: “touch my sister, and I’ll kill you myself”.

jon snow littlefinger


Arya’s horse is frightened. A pack of wolves surround her and then.. NYMERIA?! Arya tries to convince the dire wolf to come home with her, but the animal goes away, to which she replies “that’s not you”.

arya nymeria


arya game of thrones


There goes my hopes of Arya finally warging or riding her dire wolf. I confess, I teared up, it was a devastating, simple and nuanced scene, further proof of Maisie William’s strong performance. Is it safe to say next episode will see the Stark sisters’ reunion?

While the Sand Snakes chat and Ellaria and Yara make out, their ship is hit by bolts of fire. Their fleets are aflame and havoc wreaks everywhere.

Suddenly Uncle Euron arrives off his ship, ready for war, ready to take down his own flesh and blood, Yara and Theon. Is it just me or is he hot in a demented, evil kind of way?

yara theon

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Let the visually stunning fiery sea battle begin! Two of the Sand Snakes gruesomely die and I feel bad for wishing it. Ellaria and her remaining daughter (the pretty one who seduced Bronn, obviously, can’t remember her name) are taken hostage.

sandsnakes death

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Euron fights face to face with Yara and holds a knife to her throat – in front of Theon. He’s left with a choice to come and claim his sister but instead of fight, Theon chooses flight.

euron theon yara


He watches as people are beaten and slaughtered, reminding him of the trauma he went through with Ramsay Bolton. So what does he do? He jumps to the water, forsaking Yara to her faith, and then watches the hanged men from the burning fleet.



It is a profoundly sad moment, Theon’s fear takes over him again, this time maybe costing his sister’s life. Dude cannot catch a break. His road to redemption seems far, far away…

stormborn theon


And just like that, Ellaria is a hostage, Tyrion’s siege idea has gone up in flames and for all we know Yara is dead too.

A solid, interesting and much faster-paced episode than the last. I have to praise Maisie Williams’ (Arya), Ian Glenn’s (Jorah) and Alfie Allen’s (Theon) performances this week. With only few words, they managed to deliver true sorrow, pain and struggle, even just with their eyes. Standout scenes? Varys’ 5 minutes of fame, Jorah and Sam’s intimate encounter, Jon’s threat to sleazy Littlefinger, the short but epic Greyjoy VS Greyjoy combat and my personal favorite, the tear-jerking reunion of Arya and Nymeria.

Did you spot these Game of Thrones Easter Eggs? Take some time away from the gory scenes, battles and bloodshed and check out these hidden details on the show!

Next Episode: The Queen’s Justice

Episode Rating
4 Solid

Winter is here, yes, but the flames are also burning stronger. We can pretty much forget all the funny sunshiny premiere giggles... The cards are in place… Game on!

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