10 Kylie Jenner Gifts Every Fan Deserves to Receive

kylie jenner gifts

When eating, sleeping, and breathing Kylie just isn’t enough, you have to show off your love to the world. Here are 10 Instagram-worthy, Kylie Jenner gifts to help you like, realize stuff this year…

1. Lip Kit Hat

Couldn’t get Kylie’s latest lip kit before it sold out online? Well, pucker up with this Kylie Lip Kit Logo cap. In several, seductive colors, you will look like the diva herself and rep the iconic coated lip logo.

kylie lip kit hat

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2. Lips iPhone Case

Take a selfie while showing love for the selfie queen! This Lip Kit logo phone case is just the right amount of sultry and spice to fit the Jenner name. Not only will it save your phone from cracks and dings, but it’ll make your love for the Jenner babe so much more evident to the world.

kylie jenner phone case

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3. Kylie Poster

Need a bit of body inspiration to get you through the day? This sexy Kylie in underwear poster will definitely keep you motivated to go to the gym, and go out and grab a faux fur coat. Complemented by Kylie’s scripted signature, this poster is ready to grace any empty space on your wall or ceiling.

kylie jenner poster

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4. Kylie Jenner Hoodie

This fierce hoodie will not only keep you warm, but it’ll make you worthy of being in Kylie’s squad as well. Grab it in a few sizes over, and you’ll look like the queen herself. Just make sure to take a mirror selfie afterward.

kylie jenner hoodie

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5. Meme Pillow

Keep a wonderful reminder that even the most perfect of us have a meme-worthy moment every now and again. Relieve Kylie’s day at the Sugar Factory opening with this glorious throw pillow, and make all your guests green with envy.

kylie jenner meme pillow

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6. Baddie Queen Shirt

Send a message to everyone, reminding them that you’re the Baddie Queen. This trendy shirt can be dressed up or down and paired with a fierce necklace for the ultimate, stylish outfit.

baddie queen shirt

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7. Lip Kit Blanket

Drape yourself in some Kylizzle! Keep warm during the winter or AC summer with this Lip Kit logo blanket. Sleep like a Jenner by cocooning yourself in Kylie’s famous grilled-out mouth with luscious lips.

kylie jenner blanket

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8. Kylie Quote Phone Case

You can tell a lot about a person by their phone case. This case tells everyone that when you look back on what you did that year, it was all about like, realizing stuff. And that’s what’s really important in life. So, show off your trendy self with Kylie Jenner’s infamous quote so that the whole world knows you mean business this year.

like realizing stuff phone case

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9. Kylie Jenner Shirt

Encapsulate Kylie’s Devil-May-Care attitude by pairing this T-Shirt with your ensemble. We all have those F-it days, and Kylie lets you know when she’s having her’s. So show off your attitude and flaunt your style.

kylie jenner t-shirt

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10. Kylie Pillow

Why just get the calendar when you could lay your head down on the back cover? Show off with this sexy throw pillow and make all your friends jealous of your dedication to Ms. Kylie Jenner.

kylie jenner pillow

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No matter what you buy, show off your love for Kylie Jenner by decking yourself out in her greatness. Long live the Queen of Snapchat!

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