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walking dead bury me here recap

Dear people of the post-apocalyptic era – I have no time for your tears, regrets or P.T.S.D. I want war and I want it now! There are only three episodes left of the season, and yet we are still bombarded with episodes crammed with dialogue and not enough action.

Who knew it would take the deaths of two Kingdomers to finally spur the war? At long last, Carol, King Ezekiel and Morgan have a change of heart in this week’s episode of The Walking Dead, giving us hope that perhaps the battle against the Saviors is actually imminent…

the walking dead season 7


Despite living a so-called peaceful and lonesome life, Carol’s having trouble sleeping. She can’t help but wonder whether Daryl was telling her the truth about the safety of her Alexandrian family.

Being the smart cookie that she is, Carol has a feeling everything is not okay on the other side of the fence. Her instincts force her to head over to The Kingdom and confront Morgan. He refuses to tell her the truth and says she needs to talk to Daryl…

carol walking dead


Like I said, there was way too much talking in the first part of Bury Me Here. King Ezekiel and the Kingdom’s fave teen, Benjamin have a heart to heart and discuss how this world has turned crazy and how the King has helped build them “another world.” In the meantime, Richard also gets deep with Morgan, calling him a “good man” and ironically advising him that “The day’s coming when you can’t be that good. When that happens, don’t beat yourself up about it.”

Morgan, Richard, Benjamin and other Kingdomers join King Ezekiel in delivering their next tribute to the Saviors. Too bad the road’s blocked. They even stumble across a dug up grave marked “Bury Me Here”. What’s going on?

bury me here


Someone’s barricaded the group’s path, making their delivery of cantaloupes late. The Saviors aren’t happy. Things turn nasty when they realize they’re one cantaloupe short. King Ezekiel was sure they had all 12 fruits delivered in that truck. Somehow, one’s missing. Out of their rage, a Savior shoots poor Benjamin in the leg.

The kid starts losing blood, fast and so the first stop they make is at Carol’s yard. They try their hardest to help him survive but it’s too late. He’s gone. Poor Benjamin – it was nice knowing you kid.

benjamin walking dead


Benjamin’s death drives Morgan mad. He breaks. He starts reliving memories from the past including his late family and at one point, he’s ready to end it all. Sitting in the open grave they found earlier, Morgan puts a knife to his wrist but then something in him tells him to live on. When he kicks a crate on the street out of anger, the missing cantaloupe rolls out. He puts two and two together and realizes Richard is the culprit behind all of this.

Richard reveals that he did indeed hide the missing cantaloupe. Turns out, he also set up the barricade on the road in hopes of provoking the Saviors and in turn, getting Ezekiel to realize that fighting back is the only option. After Richard’s plan to set up Carol was prevented by Daryl, he figured the next best thing would be to sacrifice himself. Unfortunately, that plan didn’t go to work. Instead, it got poor Benji killed.

Morgan, however makes sure to set Richard’s plan in motion. How? By killing him. When they meet the Saviors to deliver the final cantaloupe, Morgan unleashes a wild attack on Richard. He knocks him with his stick and starts bashing his head to a pulp for everyone around them to see.

morgan richard


Nobody reacts. King Ezekiel and the other Kingdomers are stupefied, unable to move as they watch Morgan kill their friend. They don’t even bust a gut. Where’s the loyalty, King? Good job, your majesty…

king ezekiel bury me here


So Morgan has finally broken. Long gone are his politically correct views. After cold-bloodlessly killing Richard in front of the Saviors, he ends by saying “I want to show you that we get it…that we understand what it is that we need to do; that we know how to go on.”

Whether Morgan did it as an act for mercy on Richard’s behalf (he dug up his own grave anyway) or whether the killing was out of pure rage, I was sure as heck surprised to see Morgan turn like that.

morgan richard bury me here


He makes his way to Carol’s and lets the cat out of the bag. She now knows that Negan killed her friends and alongside Morgan, she’s ready to fight. Except Morgan wants to do it solo. He leaves Carol, sharpens his stick and embarks on his own journey to kill the Saviors.

After hearing about the deaths of Glenn, Abraham, Spencer and Olivia, Carol is finally ready to take out the Saviors. That’s all it took, guys. Daryl should have told her the truth two weeks ago and maybe the show would have been 100 Saviors down by now.

morgan walking dead


morgan carol


She visits King Ezekiel and finally convinces him to stand up and fight, too. It’s great to see Carol doing a bit of gardening again, she’s been cooped up in that house for too long. It’s even better to see the badass fighter in her return.

walking dead bury


walking dead ezekiel


Despite all the non-stop dialogue and procrastination on this show, I think we’re finally on our way to a mighty bloodbath, folks. Everyone is now on board to fight – except the junkyard people and Oceanside – Rick, make your move.

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It's fulfilling to finally see Carol, King Ezekiel and Morgan rise up against the Saviors. The war is ON!

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