10 Naughty Mr Grey Quotes That Will Make You Blush

mr grey quotes

Fifty Shades of Grey’s iconic figure has the naughtiest one-liners in movie and literary history. The self-made billionaire knows his way to Ana’s heart – and even yours! His sexy lines and steamy quotes charm you and entice you to the point where you’re blushing fifty shades of pink, wishing he was a real-life character.

They’re explicit, they’re kinda romantic (if BDSM is what you’re into) and they’re very steamy. Here are 10 Mr Grey quotes that are so naughty, they’ll make you blush…

1. Christian’s actions speak just as loud as his words…

christian grey sexy quote

“If you were mine, you wouldn’t be able to sit down for week”

2. This quote is romantic – but naughty at the same time…

greys quotes

” I want to bury myself in you and just forget everything but us”

3. Christian really does paint a picture with his words, doesn’t he?

christian grey quotes

“I’m going to blindfold you so that everything will be more intense”

4. This guy gets straight to the point. We like that.

mr grey quotes

“I want you sore baby”

5. Hands up if you would like to play with Mr Grey…

fifty shades of grey quotes

“I don’t want to hurt you, but I’m more than happy to play”

6. This cheeky line would get a lot of ladies in the mood…

fifty shades quotes

“I’d rather planned on having you for dessert”

7. Dirty talk comes naturally to Mr Grey…

christian grey lip quote

“I’d like to bite that lip”

8. This sexy love quote from Fifty Shades Of Grey will get your heart racing…

fifty shades of grey lines

“I want you. I’ve wanted you since you fell into my office, and I know you want me.”

9. This line is a little tamer…but in Christian Grey’s world it’s bound to get nasty…

50 shades quotes

“I’ve never wanted more, until I met you”

10. Damn, Christian Grey is honest…

christian grey quote

“I dont make love, I f***…hard”

Christian Grey has a way with words, doesn’t he? He really is an erotic literary genius. If these quotes didn’t make you blush or get a hot flush, we don’t know what will. Excuse us as we wait for our real-life Mr Grey to arrive…

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