The Walking Dead ‘Rock in the Road’ – A Visual Recap

walking dead rock in the road recap

Is it just me who’s super-stoked to see the fighter in Rick return? I’m disappointed with the lack of Negan, though. The mid-season seven premiere is off to a great start, ladies and gents. Time to tuck in…

the walking dead season 7


Guess who’s being a sneaky little snake this episode? None other than Father Gabriel. Well, we’ll call him a “snake” until we find out what he’s really up to. The priest is packing up the pantry and stealing weapons, folks. Father Gabriel makes a run for it in the middle of the night and all we can ask is why?

We then jump to the Hilltop where Rick and gang (so happy to see them together again) are trying to convince gutless Gregory to stand up and help fight against the Saviors.

Apparently his community are farmers, not fighters and they don’t want to risk their lives for the sake of killing Negan.

walking dead greg walking dead daryl

Guess, that’s where you’re wrong, dude.

After trying to get Gregory on their side, the gang step out to be confronted by a few Hilltop members who are on it like a car bonnet. They seem pretty keen on wiping out the Saviors, too.

Off to the next community…

walking dead season 7


Rick and co are finally graced by the one and only King Ezekiel’s presence and reunite with Morgan at the Kingdom. After meeting Shiva (the badly CGI-d tiger), I totally read Rick’s mind– “WTF? But hey, we could really use a dude with a tiger.”

A few Shakespearean monologues later, King Ezekiel rejects Rick’s offer to join his fight against the Saviors. Like Gregory, he thinks it will be a losing war. I have a feeling his majesty will come around soon enough…

King Ezekiel


Jesus brings out the walkie talkie that he managed to steal from Negan. This will help them listen in on the Saviors’ secret communications. What do they hear first? Oh, just Negan, cracking his usual derogatory jokes – “Without Fat Joe, thin Joe is just Joe. So it’s a goddam tragedy. Let’s have a moment’s silence.” That line totally needs to be added to our list of awful Negan quotes

As they prepare to leave the Kingdom, Daryl is told to stay there and hide from the Saviors. Apparently they don’t trespass the Kingdom’s walls, but like Daryl said, how long do you think that is gonna last?

walking dead Ezekiel daryl Ezekiel

It looks like Rosita still has a chip on her shoulder after Sasha hooked up with her dead ex-boyfriend, Abraham. When Sasha tries to make small-talk, Rosita replies with the ultimate burn: “What the hell are you telling me for? We both had sex with the same dead guy. Doesn’t make us friends.” OUCH.

rosita sasha


As Rick and co make their way back, they come across a walker-trap rigged up with explosives, obviously set up by the Saviors.

Have no fear, Rosita (who suddenly has heaps of experience in disarming dynamite) is here.

rosita walking dead


In what is like a race against time, the group cautiously unwire the bombs as a herd of walkers begin to approach. They stash the dynamite in their car and rush to get back before the Saviors come looking for “missing” Daryl.

To get rid of the walkers, Rick and Michonne hot-wire two old cars (great to see they have fuel and battery power?!), place them on either side of the motorway, stretch a piece of taut wire between them, drive and mow down the herd. AWESOME!

michonne rick walking dead

The gang get home just in time before Simon arrives with his Saviors. They turn the place inside out but still can’t find Daryl. That doesn’t stop him from threatening Rick, telling him they’ll kill Daryl once they capture him.

Rick realizes that Gabriel has run away with their goods, leaving only his Bible with the word “BOAT” scribbled on one of the pages. Rick realizes that Gabriel is most probably headed off to that boat on the lake that Rick and Aaron found a few episodes back.

walking dead


As the posse make their way there, they are suddenly ambushed and encircled by a group of armed fighters. For a second, I thought they were the Oceanside women, but I’ve spotted a few guys in this gang.

Rock in the Road


Instead of panicking, Rick cracks the biggest smile he’s cracked in a long time. Why? He’s realized these people won’t be enemies, but potential allies…

rick grimes smile


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Episode Rating
3.4 Optimistic

Is it just me who's super-stoked to see the fighter in Rick return? Things are looking optimistic! The team are back together and planning a revolution!

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