Split: That Confusing Ending Explained!

split ending explained

M. Night Shyamalan’s latest thriller has certainly split viewers thanks to its ambiguous ending. Many were left confused while others were up to speed the moment Bruce Willis appeared on the screen.

Did you find yourself losing your mind after watching Split? Didn’t understand that final scene? We’re here to explain…

Here’s what happened in that last scene…

Kevin, AKA – the dude with 23 personalities – is still on the run after killing three women and traumatizing poor Casey Cook. After Casey gets rescued from his creepy crypt, we cut to a diner where everyone is watching a TV news report reciting the events we’ve just seen. The reporter dubs Kevin “The Horde” and a lady in the diner says the story reminds her of another case, from years ago, involving “a funny guy in a wheelchair, what was his name?” The camera turns to a guy next to her and he replies “Mr. Glass”. This guy only happens to be Bruce Willis.

End scene. Cut to credits. Film over. #WTF.

dennis split


Why is Bruce Willis at the end of this movie and why am I the only one not clapping and screaming “YAS”, may you ask?

Split is an Unbreakable sequel…

Bruce Willis appears at the end of Split because he’s reprising his role as David Dunn from the 2000 movie, Unbreakable.

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Unbreakable follows the story of David, a superhero with limitless strength and a resilience to injury. He confronts his archnemeis, Mr Glass (Samuel Jackson) who is a criminal and terrorist suffering from Type I osteogenesis imperfecta, a disease which makes his bones extremely fragile.


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So are we looking at an Unbreakable sequel here? HELL YES! Turns out, the events of Split take place in the same Philadelphia as Unbreakable, just years later. Like Mr Glass, Kevin suffers from a medical condition but it isn’t so straightforward. Both villains are at the same time, gifted with superpowers. As we saw, Kevin can summon The Beast.

beast split


Does this open ending set up for a third film? YES! Shyamalan confirmed his master plan on Twitter. The director revealed that a new movie, out in 2019 titled Glass will be a sequel to both Unbreakable and Split. It’s also said to feature Bruce Willis as David Dunn.

We look forward to a stand-off between David and Kevin!

mr glass movie

So Split isn’t just a thriller movie, but perhaps a superhero one too. No one expected the movie to take a supernatural turn or be a surprise sequel to Unbreakable. That really raises the bar in movie twists.

What did you think of the big reveal?

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