The Walking Dead ‘Hearts Still Beating’ – A Visual Recap


It’s the mid-season finale guys and boy has it warmed us up for part two of the series! Rick’s team has finally gained the courage to gear up for an ultimate battle against Negan, Lucille and the Saviors. What pushed them? My recap for The Walking Dead will give you the lowdown you need…

the walking dead season 7


Negan has shaved! I’m sorry but if that’s not important news to you, then I don’t know what is. The bat-wielding villain has cleaned up his look and is ready for dinner at the Grimes’ household. He’s cooked up spaghetti for Olivia and Carl but he’s getting impatient waiting for Rick to arrive and unfortunately, Lucille is hungry…

walking dead walking dead

In the meantime, Daryl manages to escape his cell thanks to Jesus who slipped a key under his door. Daryl creeps past parties of Saviors, finds some fresh clothes, a pipe and ravishes through peanut butter before making a run for it.

Back at the derelict camp, Rick and Aaron decide to take a ride on Zombie Lake but Aaron accidentally falls into the water before making it out alive.

walking dead aaron


They’ve found heaps of armor and an unusual sign that says “Congratulations for winning, but you still lose.” Little do they know that someone is watching them a few feet away. Who is it? I guess we’ll find out in February…

Carol’s back! And she’s still negative Nina. A member from the Kingdom pays her a visit and tells her that she and Morgan need to convince King Ezekiel to attack the Saviors. They too, are providing for Negan and he wants justice once and for all. Moody Carol still wants to be left alone and she still has no fight left in her. When she hears about Glenn and Ab’s death, I bet the fighter in her will reignite!

At Alexandria, Spencer has cleaned himself up and is preparing to kiss Negan’s ass. After inviting Rosita for dinner later, he joins the villain for a “friendly” game of billiards. The game doesn’t end nicely, I’ll tell you that!

negan spencer


Meanwhile, Michonne is driven to Negan’s compound by the female Savior she’s taken hostage. The sight of the Sanctuary scares her and she realizes that she can’t take out an entire camp by herself so she decides to turn back. Before that though, she does the Savior a favor by shooting her point blank.

Daryl makes it out of the building but is confronted by Fat Joseph who seems lenient in letting him go. Daryl doesn’t waste a second. Letting out all his anger and frustration, our fave bashes the Savior’s head in with the pipe. Guess what happens to be in Fat Joe’s pocket? Oh it’s only Rick’s Python pistol! Daryl manages to turn on a motorbike and is joined by Jesus. Let’s just say Daryl’s escape is embarrassingly easy…

daryl fat joe


Spencer kisses up to Negan, proposing that he makes him leader. Apparently Rick Grimes isn’t as powerful as his mother was and he thinks he should take his place.

“Why not just kill Rick yourself and just take over?” Negan asks. “It’s because you got no guts.”

Next thing you know, Negan has sliced Spencer’s guts open. His intestines spill out, leaving him for dead with the Alexandrians looking on in horror.

negan kills spencer


“They were there inside you all the time … I have never been so wrong in my whole life.” Negan chuckles.

walking dead negan


Things get even crazier when Rosita builds up the courage to finally take aim at Negan. She misses and Eugene’s homemade bullet hits Lucille instead.

rosita twd


I’ve got to admit, this is the first time I was properly frightened of Negan. His anger once realizing that she had shot Lucille was terrifying indeed.



“Lucille’s beautiful smooth surface is never going to look the same – so why should you?” Negan says.

Just when you think Negan’s about to kill his attempted assassin, he orders one of the Saviors to slice up her face instead. Unfortunately, Olivia has to pay the price by being shot dead.

In the meantime, Rick and Aaron return from their quest and are welcomed by the Saviors at Alexandria’s gates. They take all of their armor and one of them discovers the note that they found at the lake. Thinking that Aaron wrote it as a joke to the Saviors, he is beaten to a pulp. Rick can’t do anything but look on and rage on the inside.

rick grimes


He soon stumbles upon Spencer’s spilled guts and Negan’s horror show. Miraculously finding the bullet on the ground, Negan immediately notices that it’s homemade. He wants to know who made it.

A trembling Eugene does the bravest thing he’s ever done by finally fessing up. Negan takes him hostage and leaves Alexandria. He may be the first person to realize how useful Eugene can be…

eugene negan


When Negan is gone, Michonne returns to give Rick some inspiration – “We can find a way to beat them. We can do this” she tells him.



A kiss and a hug later, Rick is a new man, ready to go to war and end the nightmare that is Negan.

The gang visit the Hilltop, putting a smile on Maggie’s face. “You told us to get ready to fight. I didn’t listen. I can now” Rick says to her.

walking dead family


Just when you thought things couldn’t get more emotional, Daryl turns up with Jesus and The Walking Dead family is reunited again.

daryl rick


Is it me, or do Rick and Daryl have more chemistry than Rick and Michonne? Their bromance is like no other. That hug officially ended me.

rick daryl


What an emotional punch to see Rick get his boy and his gun back! It’s officially time to rise up and revolt! It looks like we might be seeing the end of Negan in 2017 but what I really want to see is Daryl’s hair washed and cut!

walking dead


See you next year, folks!

hearts still beating


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Episode Rating
4.5 Gratifying

What a gratifying and emotional feeling to see Rick and Daryl reunite! It’s officially time to rise up and revolt!

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