The Walking Dead ‘Sing Me a Song’ – A Visual Recap

the walking dead sing me a song recap

Not only do people kneel for Negan – apparently they sing for him, too. Well, Carl does at least. This week, Rick’s son gets an eye-opening (pun intended) tour around the Sanctuary while Negan tries to prove that he’s still the baddest of baddies.

I’m not going to lie– his sarcastic speeches and that infamous lean-back has me chuckling once more. It’s official, Negan is my guilty pleasure. Here’s my Walking Dead recap of the week…

the walking dead season 7


Rick’s team may be broken but the fighting spirit is still there. Only, each member is on a one-man mission, eager to escape a world run by Negan’s rules.  Here’s a roundup:

  • Maggie is at the Hilltop, ready to avenge Glenn’s death
  • Rosita and Eugene are making secret bullets so they can take Negan down
  • Spencer and Gabriel are on a scavenging hunt to provide for the Saviors
  • Rick and Aaron are on an unknown mission outside Alexandria’s walls
  • Michonne is taking out her anger on walkers with her katana
  • Carl has hopped onto the Saviors’ truck and is on his way to Negan

Picking up where episode five left off (let’s not EVER talk about last week’s awful episode), Carl and Jesus are still hiding in the Saviors’ truck. Jesus leaves a trail by spilling out some syrup onto the road in hopes that they can use it in the future.

Knowing that they’ve almost reached their destination, he tells Carl they have to jump out while they can.  Jesus is already off the truck by the time he realizes that Carl was bluffing when he said he’d follow…

When the truck arrives, two Saviors are met with bullets to their heads. Negan turns up and as expected, ends Carl’s carnage and disarms him.

sing me a song walking dead season 7

He offers to show Carl around, first taking him to his room of “wives”. “Knock yourself out”, says Negan.

As much as I love his cheesy lines and silly swagger, I do in fact hate his misogynist ways. Damn he treats these girls like SHIT!

Negan threatens one of his wives after he discovers that she has “cheated on him” and later makes out with Sherry, right in front of Dwight, who’s clearly raging on the inside…

negan wife


negan sherry


Meanwhile, Rick and Aaron stumble upon a derelict camp which supposedly has heaps of armor while on another road, Spencer rants about how much he blames Rick for all that’s happened.

rick andrew


It’s Carl’s turn to hear one of Negan’s drawn-out sarcastic speeches. You’ve got to admit; the tense interaction was somewhat humorous.

“It’s like talking to a birthday present. You gotta take that crap off your face. I wanna see what Grandma got me!”

Carl is forced to remove his bandage and reveal his gruesome eye injury…

carl grimes eye walking dead negan

Negan’s demeaning comments reduce Carl to tears and it isn’t long before he’s even more humiliated…

Fat Joseph returns Lucille and Negan asks him if he’s “taken care of it” in the most disturbing way…

negan negan lucille

Next, Negan orders Carl to sing. Carl sings You Are My Sunshine while Negan swings Lucille around as if he’s conducting a choir. #ThisDudeIsCRAZY!

Negan gets nastier when he puts an iron to one of the Savior’s faces. Apparently, the dude is getting punished for sleeping with one of his wives.

carl negan


Meanwhile, Carl is forced to hold Lucille while he watches on. He has so many opportunities to bat Negan’s head in but he just stands there like he’s waiting for a bus. ARGH!

Like I said in my previous recaps, Negan isn’t all that scary. He’s mean, but certainly not as mean as Rosita. When Eugene refuses to make bullets, she calls him a coward and bullies him into the job. I’m sure she’s just missing Abraham but damn girl, have a heart!

rosita eugene


Later, Carl decides to show some backbone. Hovering over Negan, Carl threatens him…

walking dead carl


carl grimes


This encourages Negan to put Carl in the van and “go for a ride”. Little does Negan know that Jesus has been on top of the van the whole time!

walking dead jesus


Daryl interrupts and threatens Negan but that unfortunately lands him back in that dark cell again. Let’s hope Easy Street isn’t on replay again!

walking dead


A key attached to a piece of paper that says “Go now” written on it is slipped under Daryl’s door. Could it be Dwight? Sherry? Or is it Jesus? If Jesus can walk on water, he can sure as heck slip through the Sanctuary’s doors!

Hold on, Daryl, Jesus is with you!

In the meantime, Michonne stumbles upon one of the female Saviors, she beats her and makes her drive to Negan’s place. We sense a battle coming on!

walking dead michonne


Negan arrives with Carl at Alexandria. Asking where Rick is, he threatens Olivia, fat-shames her and offers to sleep with her before she slaps him one across his face. Way to go, girl!

walking dead olivia


She’s ordered to make him some lemonade and before you know it, Negan is sitting on Rick’s porch, next to Carl…holding baby Judith. Uh-oh.

walking dead negan judith


I really hope Negan doesn’t kill Judith. That would make Glenn and Abraham’s death look like a Disney movie. No, I don’t think it will happen…

walking dead sing me a song


Did anyone else notice that Negan was super-comfy holding Judith? He seems to genuinely like kids. Did he once have a family? It would be great if the show gave us an insight into Negan’s past!

I hate to say it but somehow, this sociopath is by far the most charismatic character on the show. Although he deserves it, I really hope it isn’t the end for Negan in next week’s mid-season finale.

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4 Eye-opening

This week, Rick’s son gets an eye-opening (pun intended) tour around the Sanctuary while Negan tries to prove that he’s still the baddest of baddies.

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