The Walking Dead ‘Go Getters’: A Visual Recap

walking dead go getters recap

I don’t know about you but I have Negan-withdrawal symptoms. The twisted villain really is like a drug – he’s so bad but you still want to see him on your television screen. Without him, The Walking Dead was a snooze-fest this week. Here’s my recap of “Go Getters” …

the walking dead season 7


After passing her off as “dead” to Negan last week, Maggie finally makes an appearance – she’s hiding at the Hilltop, guys! After receiving the good news that her baby is doing fine, Maggie visits Glenn and Abraham’s graves with Sasha.

I may have shed a tear watching her rub her belly and place Glenn’s pocket-watch at the head of his grave. *SOB*

maggie crying

Damn, I really don’t think I’m over Glenn’s death yet. I mean, his relationship with Maggie was the one shred of humanity left in this grizzly series…

*snaps out of depression*

Gregory, the so-called leader of the Hilltop ignores the doctor’s orders that requires Maggie to stay until she gives birth. He wants the two Alexandrians gone. After mistakenly and arrogantly calling her “Marsha” a hundred times, Jesus (yes, he’s back!) corrects him and tries to convince him otherwise, telling him that Maggie’s pregnant. But the arrogant commander simply replies with “Her mistake” and walks off.

That my friends, is what you call a complete and utter douchebag. Is it weird that I dislike Gregory more than Negan? As Maggie later says, he’s a coward, and that’s more dangerous than an idiot…

At Alexandria, Rick, Michonne and Carl are still torn between listening to Negan or killing him. Rick obviously wants the former but Michonne and Carl on the other hand…

carl grimes

Later, Enid tells Carl that she’s off to the Hilltop to visit Maggie. She doesn’t want Carl to go with her but little does she know that he’s about to secretly follow behind…

Carl catches up to Enid on her journey to the Hilltop. They find roller-blades which so happen to fit them (convenient) and everything is bitter sweet for now…

walking dead

enid carl

Out of nowhere, music starts blaring through the Hilltop in the middle of the night. Maggie, Sasha and Jesus peek out of their windows to see that a herd of walkers have infiltrated their grounds. The walkers have followed an armored car with deafening music driven through the gates of the Hilltop. Who’s to blame? The Saviors…

Maggie’s desperate to go out and fight but Sasha won’t let her due to her frailty and pregnancy. Our fave gal won’t let a baby bump get in her way, though! While Sasha and Jesus take out walker by walker, Maggie gets the job done quicker by driving a truck over them all.

walking dead jesus

walking dead walking dead

She’ll make a great monster truck rally driver; I’ll tell you that much!

Did you guys see Gregory peep through his window and retreat back into the darkness? What a weakling! At least Negan isn’t afraid of walkers! He’s certainly more of an apt leader (Excuse my sick obsession with Negan)!

And so the Saviors arrive at the Hilltop. Maggie and Sasha must be hidden so Gregory tells Jesus to hide them in the closet. Simon, the lead Savior makes his way through the house alongside his team of Negan-followers. I’ve got to admit, Simon can come across as more menacing than Negan at times! It looks like he’s picked up on Negan’s sarcasm, too. He sure knows how to use it as a scare tactic on wimps like Gregory.

walking dead walking dead

Gregory cracks under the Saviors’ pressure – we’re talking a puppy with its tail between its legs. He’s desperate not to get on their bad side so he decides to sell Maggie and Sasha out by taking Simon to the closet they’re hiding in. Thank goodness they’re not there. But some alcohol is. And now it belongs to Negan.

On their way out, Simon attempts to humiliate Gregory by making him kneel for him just as the Saviors do for Negan. Of course, the weakling does it without a second thought. After some will-they-wont-they murder someone tension, the Saviors get ready to leave.

walking dead walking dead

As the Saviors prepare their trucks, behind the bushes are Carl and Enid in hopes of finding Negan there too.

carl enid twd

Turns out, Jesus changed their hiding spot and hid Maggie and Sasha in Gregory’s bedroom closet instead. Gregory wants Maggie and Sasha out – even after they saved his ass from that herd of walkers. Jesus finally convinces him to change his mind and so decides to let them stay.

After calling her another patronizing name like “Dear”, Maggie spots something in his pocket. Gregory has stolen Glenn’s pocket-watch. Without hesitation, Maggie punches Gregory right in the face giving him exactly what he deserves. She tells Gregory that Hilltop is her home now, and that he has to call her by her name.

maggie punch gregory

“Not Marsha. Not dear, not honey. Maggie. Maggie Rhee.” MIC DROP! Gosh, I love this stronger-than-ever-before version of Maggie!

maggie rhee

maggie rhee

Enid makes her way in and finally reunites with Maggie. After putting green balloons on Glenn’s grave she’s invited to dinner with the new Hilltop family. Maggie cares for Enid so much, to the point where she hands down Glenn’s pocket watch to her.

maggie enid

That’s a big mistake in my opinion. I don’t know what it is, but I really don’t trust Enid. As mentioned in a previous post, I’m convinced she’s a spy for Negan. I hope I’m wrong. Maggie doesn’t deserve any more heartbreak.

Later on, unbeknownst to Maggie, Sasha confides in Jesus telling him she wants to find out where Negan lives. At first he hesitates but he soon agrees and wastes no time in secretly jumping in the Savior’s trucks. Guess who’s in there with him? Oh it’s only Carl Grimes…

walking dead walking dead

K’mon, Coral, do you really think you can confront Negan with your one-eye and silly haircut? No offence but you couldn’t even throw a dart this morning! I fear this won’t end well. Until next week…

walking dead season 7

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Episode Rating
3.5 Dull

I don’t know about you but I have Negan-withdrawal symptoms. Without him, The Walking Dead was a bore this week.

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