The Walking Dead ‘Service’: A Visual Recap

walking dead service recap

After a tour at Negan’s compound and King Ezekiel’s land, we’re finally back at Alexandria this week to see how they’re coping after Glenn and Abraham’s deaths. Let’s just say things aren’t so pretty, especially when Negan comes knocking!

Here’s our latest Walking Dead recap…

the walking dead season 7


“Little pig, little pig, let me in!” sings Negan from behind Alexandria’s gates.

Little pig negan


Heads bowed down but with vengeance in their eyes, the Alexandians, including Rick, let Negan and his Saviors into their home, bringing with them a demoralized Daryl.

“I missed ya” Negan sarcastically says to Rick as he strolls in with that sickening swagger.

walking dead rick negan walking dead

walking dead service


After some tantalizing tough talk from the charming psychopath, Rick tries to communicate with Daryl. He’s soon shut down by Negan who immediately orders his team to scavenge through Alexandria and bring back all the “goodies” they find. That includes mattresses, furniture and weapons.

rick daryl rick daryl

In the meantime, Negan plays mind-tricks on Rick and tests his loyalty by making him keep hold of Lucille – the weapon that killed his dearest friends.

negan rick


While the Saviors get busy clearing out Alexandria’s stock, Dwight tells Rosita to bring Daryl’s motorbike. As she sets off, he steals her hat in typical arsehole fashion and spills out her water bottle. After seeing a glimpse of his humanity in the previous episode, this struck me as quite surprising. Dwight is still a messed up villain after all.

Meanwhile, Michonne is out shooting and aiming at a walker with a rifle. She misses on several occasions, hits a deer instead, and in the end decides to kill the walker with her legendary katana. Is she preparing herself for a shootout against Negan? Her plans are soon to be crushed…

Talk, talk, talk – does Negan ever shut up? We’d really like him to, especially when he whips out his misogynistic lingo! The twisted villain asks where Maggie is because apparently, widows “tickle his balls”.

walking dead negan


“After their husbands go, they are just empty inside. But usually not for long!” Negan cackles. We’re sure this made Rick squeeze Lucille a little tighter…

Out of nowhere, Father Gabriel turns up and tells Negan that Maggie has died (chill, it’s a lie). As much as we hate Negan and some of the things he says, we couldn’t help but laugh at his reaction to Gabriel.

negan gabriel


negan gabriel


That goes down as one of Negan’s funniest quotes to date! Gabriel’s smile is creepy indeed. He may be creepy but he’s quite the smart cookie. Gabriel has even dug up a grave to “prove” that Maggie really is “dead”.

negan maggie


But really though, where is Maggie?

Negan is called over because Carl has a gun pointed at one of the Saviors. Instead of putting Lucille to work, Negan simply applauds Carl’s “giant man-sized balls”.

carl negan walking dead

How Rick hasn’t swung Lucille into Negan’s head all this time, I don’t know. But Rick is a changed man now and there’s a new boss in town…

All of Alexandria’s guns must be handed over to Negan now. Their food? He lets them keep it because he needs to keep his new servants healthy for the next restock. Because of this, Rick apparently owes Negan some gratitude.

The Saviors discover that some of the guns are missing. If Rick doesn’t bring him the two missing guns, Negan will kill the stock girl, Olivia.

Immediately, Rick gathers the Alexandrians together for a ‘fess-up. Someone needs to come clean about the missing guns otherwise Olivia’s blood will be spilled. “I’m not in charge anymore. Negan is”, Rick tells his group.

walking dead rick rick grimes

Rick ends up finding the guns under Spencer’s floor boards. He takes them out to Negan but as the villain prepares to leave, Rick tells him to wait. He’s seen Michonne holding a rifle and he needs her to give it up.

It’s amazing to see Rick bend his knee so low…

michonne service


A hesitant Michonne hands over her rifle as well as the deer she accidentally shot. “I love a gal that buys you dinner and doesn’t ask you to put out.” Negan exclaims. UGH!

Rosita brings Daryl’s bike and Negan is ready to go. Except, he’s “forgotten” his beloved Lucille, which is tightly gripped in Rick’s hand. Just as Rick is tempted to swing the mighty weapon, Negan turns around to take it back. He threatens Rick by telling him to have some stock ready for his next visit and demands him to say thank you.

negan rick dick


negan rick dick


Jump the guy, Rick. He may be a bit taller, have better teeth and he may be better looking than you but that doesn’t mean you can’t launch an attack! You’ve killed walkers, and you’ve killed men before! What’s stopping you from killing a twat with a bat?! Watching everyone bow down to this douchebag is getting frustrating!

Without Negan, the Saviors would probably crumble. We’ll be glad to see them meet their end at the teeth and claws of a certain tiger!

With one douche-bag out of the way, it’s time to face another in the form of Spencer. He blames Rick for everything that’s happened and calls Glenn and Abraham “lucky” to be dead.

rick spencer walking dead

Just when we thought the old Rick was dead and gone, he comes out with this line. Perhaps he hasn’t lost his violent mojo…

Rick has a little bit of fight left inside him but is he ready to face Negan and the Saviors? Apparently not. He tells Michone that this is their life now.

“We play by their rules and we get some kind of a life,”

He also drops the bombshell that Judith, is NOT his baby (Maury style) but that doesn’t stop him from wanting to take care of her.

rick judith


“I will die before her and I hope that’s a long time so I can raise her and protect her and teach her to survive. That’s how we live now.”

Later that evening, Michonne stumbles upon the burnt mattresses. She bursts into tears realizing even more just how pointlessly cruel Negan is.

Although Rick thinks he’s handed over all the arsenal to Negan, he’s wrong. The episode ends with Rosita picking up her secret gun, knocking on Eugine’s door and asking him to make some bullets.

Rosita’s got war on her mind while Rick is moping around and trembling his pants off. I think I like Rosita’s mind-set this week. But in traditional Walking Dead fashion, I have a feeling her idea won’t go to plan…

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