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walking dead season 7 episode 3

This week we were finally introduced to the world of the Saviors. They may have the pleasure of eating fried egg sandwiches for breakfast but one thing’s certain – it sure ain’t Easy Street on Negan’s turf! Guess who’s having to learn that the hard way this week? Daryl Dixon.

Here’s our Walking Dead recap of the week…



A day in the life of a Savior doesn’t look too bad…for now. In the opening of The Walking Dead this week, we see Dwight getting on with his morning routine, cooking egg sandwiches and watching some fun-filled TV.

After eating his luxury breakfast, Dwight prepares a sandwich crammed with dog-food. He serves it to a disheveled Daryl in a dark cell and puts on a song called “Easy Street” on replay.

walking dead easy street walking dead

Talk about overkill. I feel like I’m getting tortured with Daryl thanks to this insultingly repetitious song!

Daryl has no choice but to eat the dog-food. TBH, it’s probably a reasonable meal, considering the conditions Daryl has had to face in the past – plus, dog food must be good protein! The only thing driving him crazy right now is Easy Street.

dwight daryl


daryl dixon


Dwight takes Daryl for a doctor’s check-up and there he sees a young woman getting a pregnancy test. She recognizes Daryl from their run-in in Season 6’s “Always Accountable”. Sherry and Dwight obviously have some kind of connection and it’s as though there’s a feeling of relief when she tells him the pregnancy test is negative…

Later, Daryl is forced to wear a scruffy sweater that looks like something pulled straight out of Kanye West’s collection. Turns out he matches the prisoners behind Negan’s fence who are fighting off walkers and acting as security for the Sanctuary – AKA Negan’s compound.

“Be like them or me”, Dwight threatens. “I ain’t ever gonna kneel”, Daryl replies…

the cell walking dead

Later that evening, Negan and Dwight have a word to word. Turns out Dwight isn’t Mr big balls when he’s around the big boss. Negan brings out the trembling puppy in him. He congratulates Dwight for successfully “breaking” Daryl and in return offers him a night with any woman he wants – “as long as she says yes”.

Ugh! Screw Negan and his misogynist ways!

negan dwight


Dwight rejects the offer when suddenly they hear that a Savior has escaped the Sanctuary. Wearing Daryl’s jacket with Daryl’s crossbow in hand, Dwight hits the road and trudges through walkers to find Gordon, the escaped Savior. When he’s found, Gordon begs Dwight to kill him. He’d rather be dead than return to a life ruled by Negan.

“There’s only one of him and all of us, so why are we living this way?” Gordon says.

“Because look where we are. We were losing. Now we’re not” Dwight says. Something tells me Dwight isn’t keen on living this lifestyle but as we later learn, he doesn’t have a choice…

BANG! Dwight shoots Gordon, sparing him a life ruled by Negan…

Back at the Sanctuary, Daryl wakes up in his cell to find the door unlocked. Whether this is an intentional test of his loyalty by Negan, Daryl wastes no time in creeping out. As he sneaks past Saviors in every corner, he bumps into Sherry who warns him to go back. “Whatever he’s done to you, there’s more,” she says.

Daryl ignores Sherry’s advice and soon finds an open door. When he steps outside, he’s circled by a group of Saviors. Shoulda’ listened to Sherry, Daryl!

Negan steps out with his bestie, Lucille in hand and starts asking each Savior, “Who are you?”. “Negan” they chant in unison. Apparently, this was Daryl’s chance to realize that Negan is everywhere.

who are you cell negan

He mockingly swings Lucille towards Daryl but Mr Dixon doesn’t flinch.

negan daryl


“You don’t scare easy”, exclaims Negan. “I love that. Lucille? Well, it kind of pisses her off. She finds it to be disrespectful – lucky for you, she’s not feeling too thirsty today.”

don't scare easy


daryl season 7


THANK JESUS! We are not ready to see Daryl’s brains turn into scrambled eggs – in fact we never will be!

Instead, Negan gives Daryl three options:

·         wind up on the spike and work for Negan as a dead man

·         get out of the cell and work for points but he’ll wish he was dead anyway

·         work for Negan and get a brand new pair of shoes and “live like a king.”

Fully aware of his options but not ready to accept them, Daryl is beaten up by the Saviors and locked back into his cell, alone with a photo of Glenn’s splattered head – you know, just for memories…

walking dead negan


Damn, we’ve never seen Daryl so broken. We hate to see him cry…

daryl crying


Dwight takes Daryl for a visit to Negan’s office (will he EVER drop that damn bat?! He’s like a kid with a dummy!).

After telling Daryl his mouth is “puffed up like a baboon’s ass” (WTF?), Negan gives him a backstory on his relationship with Dwight…

negan lucille


Sherry and Dwight were once married. Heck, they still would have been, if it weren’t for Negan and his twisted ways. Like most newcomers, Dwight, his “super-hot” wife and her “super-hot” sister (more from misogynist Negan) worked for “points” to earn their stay. When Sherry’s sister, Tina, fell ill, they had no points to get meds so Negan offered to marry her and “take care” of her.

walking dead dwight


Next thing you know, Dwight stole all the meds and fled with Sherry and Tina (callback to their run-in with Daryl in season 6). Eventually, Tina died and Dwight and Sherry they were captured by the Saviors. Dwight begged Negan for forgiveness and right when he was about to kill him, Sherry said she’d take Tina’s place and become his wife if he’d spare Dwight. Negan agreed but didn’t hesitate in putting a hot iron to Dwight’s face – hence, that ugly scar!

walking dead negan twd negan

And so here we are today. Dwight is now one of Negan’s “top guys” and Sherry is his wife. Negan may claim that they’re “cool” with each other but Dwight’s face says otherwise. You can see the hatred in his eyes.

negan dwight dwight negan

Moving on, Negan offers Daryl to be his new “top guy”, just as long as he answers one simple question – “Who are you?”

walking dead who are you


Daryl refuses to answer.

Again “Who are you?”

the cell negan


Seriously, guys, this is tense!

Looking Negan directly in his eyes, Mr Dixon replies, “Daryl”

daryl dixon



Daryl’s “dumbass choice” (according to Negan) lands him straight back in to his cell, leaving us wondering if he’ll ever bow down to Negan’s rule…

Let’s get this straight – apart from Lucille, Negan isn’t all that scary. He’s a bully really; who sarcastically monologues people into submission. When it’s finally time to be rid of the bully, I hope Shiva does the honors. All the Lucilles in the world wouldn’t stop a tiger…

I won’t deny it though; Negan is hella’ thrilling to watch! Jeffrey Dean Morgan pulls the character off flawlessly!

The episode closes with Dwight looking out with envy at the walkers imprisoned behind the fence. After surrendering much of his will and humanity, he realizes that fundamentally, he is the prisoner and perhaps the undead are the luckier ones in this world.

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Episode Rating
3.9 Tense!

It sure ain’t Easy Street on Negan’s turf! Guess who’s having to learn that the hard way this week? Daryl Dixon.

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