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Is there a competition between The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones producers? It’s as if they are challenging each other on how many characters they can kill and how many fans’ hearts they can break.

The new world under Negan’s control is certainly bleak and brutal, ladies and gents. Let’s just say he makes the Governor look like a puppy! After six months of playing the guessing game, we’ve finally discovered which character met Lucille face to face. Let’s talk about the season 7 premiere!



“I’m going to kill you…not today, not tomorrow, but I’m gonna kill you” growls a beaten and bruised Rick Grimes. Staring up at the show’s brand new horrifying villain, we see the aftermath of Negan’s evil game of Eeny, meeny, miny, moe.

rick negan


We still don’t know who’s been killed but one thing’s for sure – Rick is mad. After a threatening speech by the charming psychopath, Rick is forced into the RV for a journey down foggy Walker lane.

Negan takes Rick’s axe and gives him a pep talk, forcing him to “think about what happened”. “Bet you thought you were all going to grow old together. Sitting around the table at Sunday dinner and the happily ever after.” That’s surely not the case and Rick knows it.

walking dead 7 premiere


He keeps replaying images of his friends in his head, taking us back to Negan’s game of Eeny, meeny, miny, moe. The camera pans between the potential victims – Rosita..Sasha…Glenn…Maggie. Quit teasing us!

Finally, the camera lands on Abraham and BANG! Lucille is struck straight into Ab’s head, turning his brains into scrambled eggs. Ab’s last words?


rip abraham


His friends look on in despair, we look on and cry and all Negan can do is laugh. This dude is twisted.

walking dead daryl


walking dead negan


Back to the present. Negan throws Rick out of the RV and into battle with a herd of walkers. It looks like there’s no way out for our favorite hero but he manages to climb to safety on top of the vehicle.

rick grimes


Too bad Negan starts shooting. Bullet holes fly though the RV leaving Rick no choice but to jump and hang off a dangling walker. The walker’s head starts to rip to shreds, dropping Rick closer and closer to the rioting walkers below. Suddenly Negan shoots them all and Rick is pulled straight back into the RV.

What kind of sick mind games is this guy playing? Ones that teach everyone who’s boss.

Meanwhile, Rick continues replaying memories in his head. Daryl attempts to ambush Negan right after he kills Abraham but he’s taken down by the Saviors.

negan daryl


Out of his rage, without warning, Negan swings Lucille into Glenn’s head. That’s right. Negan didn’t kill one, but two beloved characters!!

negan glenn


In what is certainly The Walking Dead’s most horrifying scene, Glenn tries to speak with his head partially bashed in and his eyeball exploding out of its socket.

While we try to let Glenn’s death sink in, Negan gives us one of his most awful quotes to date – “I just popped your skull so hard your eyeball popped out, and that shit is gross.”

glenn death


Glenn manages to utter “I’ll find you” to a hysterical Maggie before Negan finally bludgeons his skull to pieces.

walking dead glenn


maggie twd


This was about as sadistic and tortuous as you can get. Even though viewers predicted Glenn’s death, we still felt this was a punch to stomach. We don’t think we’ll be able to shake these images…



Rick imagines Negan killing all of his friends and family but thankfully that vision doesn’t turn into a reality…for now.

Negan brings Rick back to the execution ground. He sees that Rick still hasn’t bowed down to him so he has another twisted game in mind.

Negan brings Carl forward and demands Rick to chop off his arm – like a “salami slice” to be precise. If not, he’ll blow each and every victim’s head off. Trying to ease his dad’s guilt, Carl tells Rick to go ahead.

carl grimes


A distraught Rick picks up the axe and prepares to hack his son’s arm off when suddenly Negan stops him.

At that point, he knew he had him. Negan tricked Rick just to see the look of submission on his face. We’ve never seen our leader so beaten down.

rick grimes


The power is officially in Negan’s hands, folks. After showing them who’s in charge, he lets Rick and co free, except Daryl.

Negan throws Daryl into his van and threatens to cut him in pieces if the Alexandrians dare to disobey his rules.

walking dead rick


walking dead negan


Instilled with fear but with Negan and the Saviors out of sight, Maggie who’s barely able to stand on two feet, wants to go after him and kill him. In an emotional scene, Sasha and Michonne stop her and together they all pick up their friends’ dead bodies and drive back to Alexandria.

walking dead


Out of the side mirror, a broken Rick looks back at a walker eating Abraham and Glenn’s brains that are spilled out onto the dirt. It looks like walkers are the least of his worries. Human violence is far more shocking and repulsive than anything a zombie might do.

The episode closes with Rick’s vision – our favourite characters eating happily around a dinner table, including Glenn and his unborn baby. Cue the tears!

walking dead season 7


We had so much anxiety from one scene to the next but we’re certainly not complaining! After a few seasons of being tediously slow, The Walking Dead has finally livened things up.

This season sure has a lot of questions to answer – How will everyone move on after watching their loved ones get bludgeoned to death? How will Rick usurp the new dictator’s power? Is Daryl now Negan’s plaything? Will Maggie ever be the same again after losing Glenn? Has Negan got a spy in Alexandria? Our favourite characters may have lost this battle but they’re certainly not giving up the war.

Excuse us as we bleach our eyes and brain. Writing that Walking Dead recap was traumatizing! Glenn’s eye-popping farewell has scarred us for life!

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