Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie: 7 Rumored Reasons They Split

brad pitt and angelina jolie split

Hollywood is in tears. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, the ultimate power couple have announced that they are divorcing after two years of marriage and 12 years together. Everyone’s favorite famous couple has called it quits, leading many to question if love is even real. What could possibly ruin Brangelina’s perfect romance? How did something so special come crashing down?

The rumors have been rife. From infidelity to irreconcilable differences, here are 7 reasons why Brad and Angelina may have split…

1. Brad Cheated on Angelina

Now this something we wouldn’t like to be true. Apparently Angelina hired a private investigator who ended up uncovering an affair between Brad and his Allied co-star, Marion Cotillard. The two were said to have an “electric chemistry” whilst filming even though they were both married. Did Brad really cheat on the beautiful Angelina? Would he ruin his perfect family like that? Nevertheless, TMZ insist that there was “no alleged third person”. *Scratches head*

brad pitt marion cotillard

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2. Brad was Having a Mid-Life Crisis

Mid-life crises are common in your fifties and well, Brad is 52. Along with “cosying up to his Allied co-star Marion Cotillard”, the Hollywood hunk also allegedly cheated on Angelina with “Russian hookers”. Oh boy – if this is all bogus, stand your ground, Brad.

brad pitt midlife crisis

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3. Angelina Wanted to Quit Hollywood

Were Brangelina’s conflicts based on Ange’s desire to quit Hollywood? Page 6 reports that the actress wanted to concentrate on her humanitarian work with the UN instead of acting and directing- “The older she gets, the more serious she becomes, and she is sick of the Hollywood thing,’’. Bear in mind that Brad and Angelina have starred in movies together and directed blockbusters too. Considering they are Hollywood’s hottest couple, we wouldn’t be surprised if Brad disagreed with her latest career choices. Even so, we doubt this was the exact cause of their divorce. It may have played a role.

angelina jolie un


4. Brangelina Fought Over Money

Back in June it was reported that the duo were constantly arguing about money issues and “overspending”. This rumor might not be completely untrue. If the world’s most famous couple were bickering about bills behind the scenes, it’s possible it contributed to their bombshell split.

angelina jolie sad

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5. Brad Missed His Ex – Gwyneth Paltrow

Now this is where things get silly and downright ridiculous but we might as well put it out there, coz ya never know, right?! It’s rumored that Brad muttered Gwyneth Paltrow’s name in his sleep. The website reports that he said – “Gwyn, let me sleep a few more minutes”-  making Angelina “angry”. Could it be that Brad is still in love with his ex from 1998?! Jheez! *Rolls eyes*

brad pitt gwyneth paltrow


6. Brad and Jennifer Aniston Reconnected

The internet may have taken this all too far. Not only are people responding to the divorce news with Jennifer Aniston jokes but now they’re blaming her too! Let’s not forget that Brad left Jen for Angelina back in 2005. It’s (stupidly) believed that the two hooked up again, causing this rift between Brangelina. Could the love triangle be forming once more?

brad pitt jennifer aniston


7. Brad Had Weed, Alcohol and Anger Issues

If Angelina is asking for physical custody of their 6 children, her reason for filing divorce has to be serious, right? TMZ state that Angelina didn’t like Brad’s parenting skills and felt his behavior became “dangerous for the children”.  When they say “dangerous”, they’re talking consumption of weed and alcohol as well as anger issues.  OUCH! For now, this is the only story we can believe as TMZ is the most reliable source…

brad pitt kids


We won’t know the truth behind their split until both Brad and Ange speak up. One thing is for sure though ladies and gents – Brangelina are officially no more. The prom king and prom queen are done and dusted. Excuse us as we cry ourselves a river. WEEP!

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