‘Lemonade’ Basically Proves Beyonce and Jay-Z Are Marketing Geniuses

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Beyonce sounds pretty mad at her husband throughout the 12-track run of her latest album, Lemonade. She’s no longer singing about being Crazy or Drunk In Love, folks. She’s heartbroken, furious but ultimately forgiving after her husband, Jay-Z supposedly cheated on her.


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Revealing lyrics in songs like Sorry, Hold Up and Love Drought portray the rap mogul as a lying, cheating and unfaithful douchebag. Apparently, music’s perfect power couple isn’t so perfect after all…

Or perhaps that’s what Bey and Jay want you to think. I mean, Jay is totally okay with letting his girl air their dirty laundry. He’s totally okay with being bashed by the Beyhive and boy do they sting hard! In fact, he’s totally okay with launching this album through his very own streaming service, Tidal. Do you know why this is, ladies and gentlemen? Because it makes him a shit load of money. Because it makes Beyonce a shit load of money.

Check this out:

According to Quartz, Tidal downloads skyrocketed after Lemonade became available on Saturday. Before the album’s release, it was ranked as the 202nd most popular free iOS app in the United States. Beyonce’s sixth studio album was unleashed to the world, shooting Tidal up to the third most-downloaded free app. KA-CHING!

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Do you not think Beyonce and Jay-Z planned for this? Open your eyes guys, Lemonade and its accompanying cheating scandal has been one huge marketing ploy.

Ever since the album’s release, the cheating scandal exploded. People haven’t stopped talking about Jay-Z and his apparent infidelity. Beyonce even named Jay’s side-piece in her lyrics, too. The world is playing detective, trying to figure out who “Becky with the good hair” is. Is it Rihanna? Is it Rita Ora? Is it Rachel Roy? THEY CAN’T STOP TALKING ABOUT LEMONADE!

As long as there is buzz, there will be downloads and that’s all Beyonce cares about, really.

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Everyone’s dissecting Bey and Jay’s relationship while they stream the album on Tidal. That’s marketing at its best, ladies and gents. Beyonce isn’t an Illuminati member as many would assume, she’s a marketing genius. She didn’t even have to go to school for it. She’s learnt how to make paper all by herself and boy are her tactics working. Lemonade was a smart, strategic move for the super couple, crafted to drive sales.

Who knows? Maybe Lemonade does have some truth in it. Maybe Jay-Z did once two-time his wife. Even so, the storyline has still made them money. But let’s be real here. How stupid do you have to be to cheat on Beyoncé? Like, seriously, it’s Beyoncé for goodness sake, you can’t get better than that!

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While everyone continues to speculate over who “Becky with the good hair is”, Beyonce and Jay-Z continue to laugh their way to the bank with the money they’ve made from this smart publicity stunt…Kudos to them! They are America’s power couple, indeed.

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What do you think? Are these cheating rumors made up just to get the people talking and buying Lemonade? Did Jay-Z really cheat on Beyonce?

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