The One Thing You Might Not Have Noticed in The Walking Dead Season 6 Finale


While you’ve been busy figuring out who Negan killed in that intense season 6 finale of The Walking Dead, there’s one thing that might not have crossed your mind. Try to forget about the fates of your favorite characters for a moment and hear us out…

If you thought that ambiguous ending was frustrating, wait until you start pondering on this -how did the Saviors know where Rick and his team would be travelling? As you may recall, every route the group took was road blocked by herds of Saviors and dangerous obstacles, stopping them from reaching the Hilltop. We’re curious to know how these villains knew every single possible path Rick and co would be taking.

rick grimes saviors season 6


Somehow, those Saviors had Rick’s itinerary mapped out to precision. They sure as hell knew that the Alexandrians would be hitting the road that day and what route they’d be taking. Heck, they were even prepared when Carol trekked out in the penultimate episode of the season!

So how would the Saviors know all of this? Could there be a mole in Alexandria? In the RV? Is one of our beloved characters working for the Saviors, filling them in on Rick’s every move?

Maybe it’s time we all starting taking a closer look at Enid. There’s always been something suspicious about her. Is there a possibility that she’s a mole? If Enid is indeed working for the Saviors, that would mean she knew what obstacles Rick’s group would be facing that day. That would explain why she was desperate to stop Carl from going. She may be a mole, but she certainly cares for Carl and was concerned about his safety that day.

walking dead enid carl


The theory of Enid being a mole brings up more worrying possibilities. Why are the show runners trying to build a sisterly relationship between her and Maggie? Maybe it’s because Enid was to eventually poison her. Could it be that Enid slipped something into Maggie’s pickles or tea to make her sick in order to get everyone on the road? We wouldn’t be surprised if that was the case…

walking dead enid maggie


Of course, this is just our theory. There could be a simpler answer to all of this. The Saviors did hold Daryl, Michonne, Glenn and Rosita hostage so perhaps they knew the Alexandrians would come looking for them sooner or later. That would suggest that there isn’t a mole in the group and they were just lucky to have Rick’s crew conveniently turn up.

Even if the Saviors did smartly guess what routes the RV would take, it seems unlikely that they would want to set up these obstacles and wait around until someone turned up. I mean, they could have been waiting for a lot longer than planned.

walking dead season 6


What do you think? Has Alexandria got a mole? Or did the Saviors just guess that Rick’s group would turn up either way? Tell us in the comment section below…

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  1. bob

    Maggie got sick after Glenn/Daryl/Rosita/Michonne left so they would have no clue that Rick was taking Maggie to the hilltop. So how could they tell the saviors that? Also, further backing that up is the fact that glenn was surprised to see Maggie in Negan’s lineup at the end. I hope the writers reconcile this issue.

  2. GG

    Negan knew that Maggie had just planted a garden, and commented as such during his scene. I believe Enid is the mole. There was another scene where she is sitting outside with a composition book, writing and drawing. Taking notes. When Maggie comes up, she closes it. I think that when Enid mysteriously “disappears” every so often, she is leaving notes for the Saviors. I also believe that Negan knows how to hurt Rick the most… Michonne. :(

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