Who Did Negan Kill in The Walking Dead Season 6 Finale?

who did negan kill

The Walking Dead season 6 finale has left viewers frustrated. Fans of the show are reeling with anger and feeling betrayed by the episode’s ambiguous ending. Who did Negan kill? One of Rick’s gang members was on the receiving end of Negan’s lethal barbed-wire baseball bat, ‘Lucille’. Too bad we won’t find out who it was until season 7 premieres in October.

So, which character was bludgeoned to death? Who was unlucky enough to meet Lucille face-to-face? We speculate…


First and foremost, there would be riots if Daryl Dixon was killed off. His character is simply too popular. He has unfinished business with Dwight, so we’re sure The Walking Dead wants to drag that sub-plot on for longer. Also, why would the show tease his death an episode earlier, only to kill him off completely in the next? We have a feeling there’s a lot more to see of our favorite crossbow user in seasons to come.

negan daryl


We’re 50/50 on this one. Part of us wants to believe that Abraham isn’t dead but the other half tells us he may well be the one who got his brain bashed to smithereens. Abraham looks forward to building a life with Sasha. The Walking Dead tends to kill any characters with such optimism for the future.

Now, looking at Abraham’s chances of survival from the comic point-of-view, we’d say he’s pretty much safe. Keep in mind that Denise’s death was originally written for Abraham in the comics. Why would the show runners wait a few episodes after this death exchange to kill him off? Also, The Walking Dead creator, Robert Kirkman admitted that he regretted killing Abraham in the comics. That gives us some hope…

twd abraham


Will The Walking Dead do a Game of Thrones by slaughtering its pregnant character? Hmm, we doubt it. Maggie’s baby might die but she certainly won’t. She’s going to come back from this, stronger than ever. Plus, we saw her take the lead with Gregory earlier this season. The Walking Dead are obviously building up Maggie’s character. She’s currently experiencing the worst but she’ll come out of it on top. That makes us think, what else could possibly go wrong for her? Glenn’s death? EEK!

negan maggie


Here’s where things get complicated. In the comics, Glenn is the first character to be killed by Negan. That would make the answer to our question very simple. But Glenn fans, rest assured – the show tends to not loyally follow the comics. If they did a “death swap” with Abraham and Denise, who’s to say they won’t do it with Glenn and someone else?

Glenn’s fake death earlier this season was insulting enough for fans. Killing him off once and for all would be ridiculous. He’s come a long way; he just can’t go down like a ton of bricks. There’s a part of us however that has a bad feeling. Will they kill Glenn to make Maggie a major force on the show? Bear in mind that The Walking Dead creator, Robert Kirkman, confirmed that the character Negan “struck out” is “very beloved to everyone”. That’s worrying because it makes Glenn a very strong candidate…

glenn negan


If Negan finds out that Michonne is Rick’s booty call, then consider her dead. For now though, she’s safe. We highly doubt The Walking Dead would want to throw out yet another strong, female lead. They’ve pretty much done that to Carol’s character. We need Michonne and her epic katana to give us all the action next season…



Eugene is probably the only character to have developed this season. He went from being a coward to a true champ. Does that mean his time on the show is officially up? Like we said earlier, The Walking Dead enjoys killing off optimistic characters. Perhaps Eugene really was saying goodbye to Rick and Abraham in that emotional scene earlier in the finale. With his new found confidence, he’d take the beating well. If Eugene is Negan’s victim, he’ll truly die like a man, instead of the wuss he once was…

eugene walking dead


Robert Kirkman, said Negan’s victim was “very beloved to everyone”. That just about rules out Aaron. He’s the only character out of Rick’s crew who we know and care about least. He’s not exactly part of the original group and he’s been pretty much absent this season. We’d hardly consider him “beloved”.

aaron twd


Could Rosita be the one who was slaughtered by Negan? It’s not out of the question; Rosita no longer serves a purpose on this show. Since Abraham dumped her, her storyline was pretty much over. Then again, if the show sticks to the comic-book version of Negan, he’d like to keep an eye out for the pretty ladies, which ultimately decreases Rosita’s chance of being his victim.

negan rosita


Killing Rick would essentially nip everything in the bud. If Negan was smart, he would have taken him out in an instant. Choosing Rick as his victim would fizzle the group out immediately. You take out the leader and the group subsequently dies or falls in line. Nevertheless, we doubt the show’s runners would kill off the lead, even if he is “beloved”. Rick is far too important and fans of The Walking Dead wouldn’t be pleased if Negan’s target turned out to be him.

negan rick


Carl didn’t show Negan any fear and he is the leader’s son after all. Both these factors increase his chances of being Negan’s “chosen one”. But Negan threatened to take out Carl’s other eye if the group dared to speak. If that’s the case, wouldn’t he have chosen to kill Carl there and then, instead of playing a nasty game of “eeny, meeny, miny, moe” later on? We don’t think Negan is keen on killing Carl, just yet…

carl grimes


Killing off Sasha would bring out the warrior in Abraham. He’d kick ass and become a huge plus for the group. He is the group’s only actual soldier, after all. We wouldn’t like to lose Sasha, but we’d much rather she was eliminated instead of other front-running characters like Daryl, Rick or Glenn…

sasha walking dead

It’s killing everyone to wait until next season to see who dies, but at least we have something to look forward to in October. Hold your horses folks and prepare for what should be the most exciting season yet…

Who do you think Negan killed in The Walking Dead season 6 finale? Explain your choice in the comment box below…

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