The Walking Dead ‘Twice as Far’ – A Visual Recap

walking dead twice as far recap

This week’s episode of The Walking Dead started off slow-paced, consumed with a lot of dialogue but ended on an exciting note, with our favourite characters miraculously making it out of a very tight corner, once again.

walking dead season 6 recap


It looks like some time has passed since all the drama went down at the Saviors’ compound. Olivia’s taking inventory, Eugene’s preparing for his shift on guard duty, Carol’s looking glum as she grips onto the rosary and smokes a cigarette and Morgan is adding the finishing touches to the jail cell he’s built. “Why?” Rick asks him. Morgan replies, “It’ll give us some choices next time.”

After getting her heart broken by Abraham, Rosita is trying to pick up the pieces – by hooking up with yet another Alexandrian, Spencer. He seems pretty into her but she’s obviously just using him to fill that Abraham hole in her heart. Meanwhile, Daryl and Carol are admiring the bike that he got back from the Saviors. He asks Carol what those Saviors did to her and Maggie back there. Realizing the harsh reality, Carol tells Daryl, “They didn’t do anything to us”.

Everyone is going about their usual daily activities, except for Denise, the doctor. She wants to do something she’s never done before. She wants to go to a pharmacy and get her own hands on medicine stock; only Daryl and Rosita tell her she’s not ready. Denise has never left the walls of Alexandria, after all and she has no fighting skills. But that doesn’t stop her. In the end, Daryl and Rosita join her on the hunt for some medicine. What group would allow their only doctor to go out into dangerous territory?  URGH!

the walking dead twice as far

Their journey is cut short when they come across a huge, fallen tree on the road. Daryl and Rosita go to inspect it, in case it’s a trap while Denise stays behind in the car. As Rosita slays a hiding walker, Denise looks on, frightful.  We really don’t think this is for you, Denise. Turn back and go home…

In the meantime, Eugene takes Abraham to an abandoned building that he plans on using as a space to manufacture bullets. In the words of Abraham, that’s some “damn, fine, genuine, outside the box thinking”!

Eugene, like Denise, tries to convince Abraham that he’s “changed” and “adapted” to life as a fighter. Abraham doesn’t believe Eugene is ready to take on the warrior lifestyle and he proves it when he helps Eugene fight off a walker. Eugene is offended and annoyed that Abraham had to step in and kill the walker for him. “Your services are no longer required…you’ve outlived your usefulness to me”. Damn! Talk about hurting his ego! Without Abraham, your ass would have been dead and gone, Eugene! As Abraham walks out the door, he says “Find your own way back, asshole”. Shots fired!

walking dead walking dead

Daryl, Rosita and Denise finally reach the pharmacy. While Daryl and Rosita fill up bags of medicine, Denise hears a noise coming from a back room. Of course, she wants to face her fears, so she enters the room, only to be freaked out even more. There’s a walker with a bandaged leg, a wall covered with the word “Hush” and a basin full of blood and a baby’s shoe.  Let’s just say Denise has not got the stomach for this shit.

the walking dead

On their journey back, Daryl comforts Denise a little while Rosita bluntly tells her, “We tried to tell you, you weren’t ready”. EXACTLY! But something kicks in. Denise suddenly builds up the courage and is ready to put her fighting skills to use. The trio stumbles across a car with a cool box in it – and a walker. Daryl tells Denise that the cool box is not worth the trouble so he and Rosita walk ahead. Denise stays behind, opens the car door and fights off the walker. Daryl and Rosita run back to help her, she tells them to leave her and surprisingly, she successfully kills it!

walking dead twice as far

Denise feels elevated and pleased with herself and begins a long, drawn-out monologue.  “You wanna live, you gotta take chances, that’s what I did…I asked you to come with me because you [Daryl] make me feel safe…and I wanted you [Rosita] here because you’re alone…and because you’re stronger than you think you are, which gives me hope that maybe I can be too.” BANG!

walking dead denise shot

walking dead twice as far

An arrow shoots through Denise’s eye, her speech slurs and she drops dead to the ground. Rule number one -never stand around preaching philosophy during a zombie apocalypse, Denise! Unlike Carl, she couldn’t survive an arrow to the eye…

walking dead dead denise

A group of men, holding Eugene hostage, appear out of the bushes alongside Dwight, one of the escaping Saviors that Daryl ran into during episode 6. “I should have killed you:” Daryl snipes as he and Rosita are forced to drop their weapons.  Dwight threatens to kill Eugene unless he’s given access into Alexandria to take “whatever he wants and whoever he wants”.

walking dead dwight

walking dead daryl

It seems only Eugene has noticed Abraham hiding behind the bushes. In a shocking turn of events, he tells Dwight to kill Abraham instead – “You wanna kill someone? You start with our companion over there hiding…he’s a first-class asshole and he deserves it so much more than us three”. As Dwight turns his attention toward Abraham, Eugene does the unthinkable by biting Dwight’s crotch area, with immense power. How he got his teeth through those jeans, we’ll never know.

walking dead eugene

This gives Daryl and Rosita a chance to grab the Saviors’ guns and ensue in an epic shoot out. Half of Dwight’s men are killed, Eugene is injured and Dwight runs for his life.

walking dead walking dead

Eugene is brought home to be taken care of. Thank God he’ll survive and thank God he’s made up with Abraham. “I apologize for questioning your skills”, Abraham tells Eugene.

Abraham gets one step further in getting Sasha to allow him into her heart while Daryl and Carol are busy burying Denise’s body (does anyone know where Tara was at this point?!).

It seems Carol has finally reached the end of her tether. She writes a letter, dumping Tobin, and everyone for that matter. Apparently, she doesn’t want to kill anyone anymore and she knows that she can’t stay in Alexandria without doing so. So she packs her bags and leaves, warning everyone not to go after her.

Really, Carol, you’re just going to call it quits and dump your family?! How can you go from a cold blooded killer to now not wanting to kill people in a blink of an eye?! Why don’t you just jump on Morgan’s bandwagon and prison your enemies instead of killing them?! That way, you can stay and help the people who you’ve fought to protect all these years!

walking dead carol

Whatever the case, we think Daryl will go after Carol but will the Saviors find her before he does? We have a feeling that’s not the last we’ll see of our favorite heroine…

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