The Walking Dead ‘Not Tomorrow Yet’ – A Visual Recap

walking dead not tomorrow yet recap

This week’s gripping episode of The Walking Dead nailed the tension, turmoil and conflict among the survivors. As we get closer to meeting the legendary Negan, this show brings us all the action we need and more…

walking dead season 6 recap


Carol is no longer MIA, folks! She’s back and well, she’s not the same. The stone-cold badass we’ve grown to know and love is back to being the Carol we knew a few seasons ago. She’s baking cookies (made of strange ingredients) for the neighborhood and taking on her motherly qualities again.

walking dead carol

She’s even hooked up with the local neighbor, Tobin (sorry Daryl/Carol shippers). But she’s still slaughtering the occasional walker which is good. As long as she doesn’t stop doing that, right?

walking dead carol kiss

Rick begins to fill the Alexandrians in with all that went down at the Hilltop. He warns the group that they’re going to have to fight and kill the Saviors in order to get the food that they need. Of course, this has to be a group decision so Rick asks if anyone objects to the bleak idea of going to war. Guess who’s first to object? Morgan, duh. His got this stupid idea of talking to the Saviors first, before launching an attack, to which Rick disapproves of. Obviously. Talking doesn’t go down too well with random townspeople, who are already known to be freaking crazy. Morgan, you’ve got a lot to learn.

walking dead

It’s all rather ironic when Carol adds to her list of people she’s killed. She may have had a nice, cheerful morning, baking cookies and all but she’s now going to have to face reality and put her warrior duties before her domestic ones.

Things are looking ugly for Abraham and Rosita. He’s gone from telling her she’s “perfection” to dumping her ass and kicking her to the curb. As he packs his bags and prepares to leave, Rosita cries and begs to ask why. “When I first met you, I thought you were the last woman on earth. You’re not.” he tells her. WOAH! OUCH! Abraham’s words are brutal and shocking, even for him.

walking dead rosita abraham

The soap opera relationship sub-plots continue. Yawn. Tara tells Denise that she loves her as she prepares to go to war. Denise says she won’t say it back until Tara returns. Cute.

walking dead tara denise

And so the journey to war begins. Rick’s plan is to creep into the Saviors property late at night when they’re all asleep. But how will they get in? “By giving them Gregory’s head”, Rick says. Not literally, of course. He wants to find a walker who resembles the Hilltop’s leader, enough to fool the Saviors and coax them into letting them in.

Glenn and Heath are on the hunt for Gregory’s walker twin and they discuss the daunting prospect of killing other humans. Meanwhile, Carol rages at Rick for allowing pregnant Maggie to go with them on the killing spree. Does Maggie have a death wish and is Rick trying to fulfil it? We’re seriously beginning to think so.

Glenn and Heath present Rick with three walker heads. One of which was actually created from Johnny Depp’s face, by the way (yeah, OMG!).

walking dead johnny depp

Rick chooses the one that most resembles Gregory and punches it to disguise it a little more. Andy, the guy who will help them get into the Savior’s property is impressed. “The Saviors are scary but those pricks ain’t got nothing on you”. It’s true. Rick is barbaric and we love it!

walking dead rick walker

walking dead jesus andy

It’s time. Night has fallen and shit is about to go down. The group is hiding and watching as Andy approaches the security guys outside the Saviors’ property. He presents them with “Gregory’s head” and thankfully they’re fooled. As one of the guards goes back in to fetch their friend Craig, Daryl appears and slits the other one’s throat. The rest of the group pull his body away and put it out of sight. When the other security guard returns, he too is killed by our gang.

walking dead not saviors

And so they’re in. As the crew creep through the silent hallways, they break into rooms and kill a bunch of men in their sleep – by smoothly inserting a knife into their brains. This cold-blooded execution of the sleeping Saviors was an awesome action sequence, but certainly hard to watch. We’ve forgotten how deadly Rick’s crew has become.

walking dead walking dead

Glenn, feeling guilty, kills a few and does the deed for Heath, who appears to have chickened out. We’re not sure if Glenn will ever come back from doing this. Murdering another human has seriously disturbed him. He may have just killed two sleeping men but Glenn is somewhat reassured when he looks up to see polaroids of caved-in skulls and splattered heads on the wall. Is this what the Saviors are capable of?

walking dead season 6 episode 12

In the meantime, Abraham and Sasha get ambushed by one of the Saviors. He knifes Abraham’s arm and manages to press an alarm that wakes the entire building up. Excuse us as we have a minor heart attack. Things are getting SERIOUS!

Outside, Maggie and Carol hear the alarm go off and start to panic. Maggie is determined to go in and help the gang but Carol won’t let her. Father Gabriel surprises all when he kills a Savior whilst reciting Bible passages. The kill was unexpected, but righteous indeed. We’re glad he grew some balls. Now it’s Morgan’s turn (who’s busy at Alexandria wielding a jail cell).

walking dead gabriel

Inside, a herd of Saviors come rushing towards Rick, Daryl and Michonne but thankfully they wipe them out with a spray of bullets. Glenn and Heath lock themselves in a room full of weapons and begin shooting bullets through the door, to kill the Saviors trying to get in.

walking dead glenn heath

When all is silent, they open the door to see one of them is still alive, with a gun pointed at them. BANG, he’s dead. Jesus saves the day.

walking dead not tomorrow yet

walking dead jesus

Morning comes and Rick’s gang appears to have defeated the Saviors. Or so it seems. “Which one was Negan?”, Michonne asks. Good God damn question…

Before you know it, a guy on a motorbike rides towards them, Daryl attacks him but everyone stops in their tracks when they hear a voice coming from his walkie talkie. “Lower your weapons…we’ve got a Carol and a Maggie, I’m thinking that’s something you want to chat about…” Holy shitballs.

walking dead walking dead

walking dead not tomorrow yet

It doesn’t matter how smart Rick’s plans sound. It’s been proven time and time again that listening to him leads to bad things. They’ve undoubtedly made some dangerous enemies, which will come back to haunt them. Rick and co have no idea who they’re f**king with…

Until next week.

Next Episode: The Same Boat

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