Leonardo DiCaprio Finally Wins an Oscar – See The Best Memes!

leonardo dicaprio oscars 2016

Leap years are truly magical, ladies and gents! Leonardo DiCaprio has FINALLY won an Oscar! After being nominated an astounding 6 times in Oscar history, Leo finally took home a well-deserved golden statue for his role in The Revenant.

leo dicaprio oscars 2016

We can all wave goodbye to the “Leonardo DiCaprio has never won an Oscar” memes. Once Leo’s name was called out for Best Actor at the 2016 Academy Awards, the internet lost its cool. Leo’s big win has led to the creation of several new memes and jokes that celebrate his long, overdue Oscars victory.

Check out the funniest memes the internet has to offer below…

leo titanic oscar meme


funny leo dicaprio meme


south park leo dicaprio


leonardo dicaprio oscar meme


leonardo dicaprio happy meme


9gag leonardo dicaprio


leonardo dicaprio oscar joke



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leo dicaprio oscar


Jokes over folks, we can all go home now. But seriously, CONGRATULATIONS Leo! Excuse us as we cry happy tears…

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