Embarrassing Celebrity Falls That Will Make You Cringe

Madonna celebrity falls

Believe it or not, celebrities fall from grace sometimes! We take a look back at the best slips and trips that guarantee to make you cringe…

Diddy’s Fall

Diddy wasn’t much of a “Bad Boy” when he fell through a hole at the BET Awards! The rapper literally disappeared out of sight for a second and next thing you know, his legs were in the air and his backside was through a hole! We’re certain Diddy’s ego dropped along with him that day!

Ariana Grande’s Fall

Let’s just say Get On Your Knees isn’t Ariana’s favorite song after this incident! The dainty diva went Bang Bang onto the floor as she climbed a set of stairs on stage during her Honeymoon Tour concert. Ari’s so tiny, we couldn’t help but worry for her. But rest assured, the singer turned out just fine.

Madonna’s Fall

This could possibly go down as one of the greatest celebrity falls of all time. Madonna took a mighty stage dive during the 2015 Brit Awards in front of a star-studded crowd. In fact, the pop icon was pulled off the stage by one of her backing dancers whilst trying to undo her cape. Madge, we feel for you girl!

Iggy Azalea’s Fall

Iggy Azalea took a few too many steps back during the pre-VMA party in 2014. The rapper failed to realize how close she was to the edge of the stage when she took a hard tumble to the ground. It’s safe to say, Iggy was anything BUT Fancy during that humiliating moment!

Harry Styles’ Fall

We’ve never laughed so hard in our lives. Harry Styles’ fall was nothing short of epic! The One Direction heartthrob tried his best to avoid falling but ultimately lost his balance in the end. Harry fell in Style, that’s for sure!  Excuse us as we watch this on loop for the rest of the day!

Taylor Swift’s Fall

Taylor Swift was getting a little over excited on stage just before she dropped to the floor. The singer was performing Forever & Always back in 2010 when her legs got the best of her (0.53). Now look who’s lying on the cold hard floor! Shake it off, Tay Tay!

Lady Gaga’s Fall

Gaga does the craziest things on stage, but it doesn’t get crazier than this! Mother Monster got a little too wild with her piano back in 2011 when she slipped off a stool and landed underneath it. The singer fell flat on her back, legs flailing in the air but she soon picked up her performance like the trooper that she is.

Rihanna’s Fall

The stage proved to be Rihanna’s enemy back in 2011 when she tripped over during a performance of What’s My Name. Props to her for shrugging it off and getting back up! If you’re going to fall over, at least make it look sexy like Rihanna! That looked like a hard hit though!

Ed Sheeran’s Fall

Ed Sheeran is so damn cute, we can’t help but feel sorry for him when he falls over. The singer took a nasty fall and literally rolled over on stage back in 2013. Now we know what he meant when he said, “When your legs don’t work like they used to be before”.  He got back up again like a BOSS!

Jennifer Lawrence’s Fall

This one didn’t happen on stage, but somewhere far, far worse – at the Oscars! Jennifer Lawrence gracefully fell in front of a huge audience at the 2013 Oscars after tripping over her glamorous gown. She laughed the embarassing incident off by telling the crowd, “You guys are just standing up because you feel bad that I fell down,”. We still love you JLaw!

These hilarious clips kind of make it okay to trip over once in a while. If you’re going to fall over like these celebrities, you may as well make it just as epic!

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