Ariana Grande’s ‘Santa Tell Me’ Has Beyonce’s ‘7/11’ Written All Over It


If Ariana Grande wants to shake her booty a little who’s to say she can’t?! Our favorite dainty diva has channeled her inner Beyonce in the music video for her Christmas single, Santa Tell Me. The festive clip sees Ariana having a blast with her girlfriends and being silly like Beyonce did in her video for 7/11.

Queen Bey released her DIY music video in November and now the Beyhive are freaking out because it seems Ariana has gone and outright copied her. Well, to be fair, they’re kinda right. Except Ariana’s video is a more toned down, less explicit version. Don’t believe us? Check out the similarities below…

Socks and underwear

Ariana Grande Santa Tell Me

beyonce 7/11

Hallway fun

Ariana Grande


The group twerk

Ariana Grande twerk

beyonce twerk

The solo twerk

ariana twerk

beyonce booty

Slap the booty

ariana grande fun


Rocking around the Christmas tree

ariana grande christmas

beyonce christmas

The body roll

ariana grande body roll

beyonce body roll

Synchronised dance moves

ariana grande dance

beyonce 7/11 dance

Bed bouncing

santa tell me ariana

beyonce crazy

Human pyramid 

ariana santa tell me

beyonce 711

General playfulness

santa tell me


Having laughs

ariana grande laughing

beyonce laughing

Watch Ariana’s and Beyonce’s music videos below and vote for whose is better:

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