Ariana Grande’s “Break Free” Echoes Britney Spears’ “Oops I Did It Again” – 7 GIFs


As much as we enjoyed watching Ariana Grande’s out-of-this-world, fun and cartoonish music video for Break Free, it’s not the first time we’ve “soiled ourselves from intergalactic excitement”. It’s happened before- with Britney Spears’ classic music video for Oops I Did It Again.

The dainty diva has dropped all Mariah Carey comparisons and has decided to imitate pop icon – Britney Spears in her latest video clip. Ariana becomes a sexy, space babe in the Break Free visual. Despite the grisly-faced aliens and shooting boobs, the 21-year-old goes on a very similar sci-fi trip to outer space just like her pop predecessor Britters, did back in 2000.

Here’s seven times, in GIFs when Break Free reminded us of Oops I Did It Again:

Their hair styles are pretty much the same, both do a lot of hair flipping

They both lie on a white backdrop and frolic around

They’re both in outer space and get their hands on chains

They both wear futuristic-coloured make-up 

They both display cheesy dance-moves (Britney’s will always be a classic)

They both sport sexy, spacey outfits

Both music videos feature otherworldly scenes

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